Job 36

  1 G4369 And proceeding G1161   G2089 still, G* Elihu G3004 says,
  2 G3306 Wait G1473 for me G3397 a little G2089 more! G2443 that G1321 I shall teach G1473 you. G2089 [3still G1063 1For G1722 5in G1473 6me G1510.2.3 2there is G3012.1 4speech].
  3 G353 Having taken up G3588   G1989.1 my higher knowledge G1473   G3112 from afar, G2041 and to works G1161   G1473 of mine,
  4 G1342 [2righteous things G2046 1I will speak] G1909 in G225 truth, G2532 and G3756 [2not G94 5unjust G4487 6words G95 3unjustly G4920 1you shall 4perceive].
  5 G1097 But know! G1161   G3754 that G3588 the G2962 lord G3766.2 in no way G638.1 shall undo G3588 the G172 guileless man; G1415 the mighty G2479 in strength G2588 of heart.
  6 G765 The impious G3766.2 in no way G2227 will he restore to life; G2532 and G2917 [2equity G4434 3for the poor G1325 1he shall impute].
  7 G3756 He will not G851 remove G575 [2from G1342 3 the righteous G3788 1his eyes], G1473   G2532 and G3326 they shall be with G935 kings G1519 on G2362 a throne; G2523 he shall seat G1473 them G1519 into G3534 victory, G2532 and G5312 they shall be exalted.
  8 G2532 And G3588 the ones G3975.2 being shackled G1722 in G5498.1 manacles G4912 shall be held together G1722 by G4979 rough cords G3997.1 of poverty.
  9 G2532 And G312 he shall announce G1473 to them G3588   G2041 their works, G1473   G2532 and G3588   G3900 their transgressions, G1473   G3754 for G2480 they are prevalent.
  10 G235 But G3588 [2the G1342 3righteous G1522 1he will listen to]; G2532 and G2036 he spoke G3754 that G1994 they shall turn G1537 from G93 unrighteousness.
  11 G1437 If G191 they shall hear G2532 and G1398 serve, G4931 they shall complete G3588   G2250 their days G1473   G1722 among G18 good things, G2532 and G3588   G2094 their years G1473   G1722 among G2143 beautiful things .
  12 G765 But the impious G1161   G3756 are not G1295 preserved -- G3844 by G3588   G3361 [2not G1014 3willing G1473 1their] G1492 to behold G3588 the G2962 lord, G2532 and G1360 because G3560 being admonished G432.1 they were unhearing. G1510.7.6  
  13 G2532 And G5273 hypocrites G2588 in heart G5021 shall order G2372 rage; G3756 they shall not yell, G994   G3754 for G1210 he bound G1473 them.
  14 G599 [2may 4die G5106 1Therefore G1722 5in G3503 6youth G3588   G5590 3their soul], G1473   G3588   G1161 and G2222 their life G1473   G5103.1 being pierced G5259 by G32 messengers,
  15 G446.2 because G2346 they afflicted G772 the weak G2532 and G102 disabled; G2917 [3judgment G1161 1and G4239 4for the gentle G1620 2he will expound].
  16 G2532 And G4314 from G1893 when G538 he beguiled G1537 from out of G4750 the mouth G2190 of the enemy, G12 an abyss G2710.4 for throwing down G5270 underneath G1473 it, G2532 that G2597 [2went down G5132 1your table] G1473   G4134 full G4096 of fatness.
  17 G3756 [3shall not fail G5302   G1161 1but G575 4from G1342 5 the righteous G2917 2judgment];
  18 G2372 and rage G1161   G1909 [2upon G765 3 the impious G1510.8.3 1will be], G1223 because of G763 the impiety G1435 of bribes G3739 which G1209 they received G1909 for G93 iniquities.
  19 G3361 [2not G1473 7you G1578 1Let 6turn 8aside G1635 5willingly G3588 3the G3563 4mind] G1162 of the supplication G1722 [3in G318 4necessity G1510.6 1of the ones being G102 2disabled]! G2532 And G3956 all G3588 the ones G2901 fortifying G2479 strength.
  20 G3361 You shall not drag away G1828   G3588 by G3571 night, G3588   G305 [2should ascend G243 1 so that others] G473 instead of G1473 them.
  21 G235 But G5442 guard G3361 lest G4238 you act G824 out of place! G575 [2of G3778 3these things G1063 1for] G1807 you took up G575 because of G4432 poorness.
  22 G2400 Behold, G3588 the G2478 strong one G2901 shall conquer G1722 by G2479 his strength, G1473   G5100 for who G1063   G1510.2.3 is G2596 as G1473 he -- G1413 the mighty one.
  23 G5100 And who G1161   G1510.2.3 is G3588 the one G2082.1 examining G1473 his G3588   G2041 works? G2228 or G5100 who is G3588 the one G2036 having said, G4238 He acted G94 unjustly.
  24 G3403 Remember G3754 that G3173 [4great G3588   G2041 2works G1473 1his G1510.2.3 3are], G3739 which G756 [2command G435 1men]!
  25 G3956 Every G444 man G1492 beholds G1722 in G1438 himself G3745 how many G5103.1 [3being pierced G1510.2.6 2are G1027.1 1mortals].
  26 G2400 Behold, G3588 the G2478 strong one G4183 is great, G2532 and G3756 we shall not G1097 know him; G706 [2 the number G2094 3of his years G1473   G2532 1and] G562 are unlimited.
  27 G705 [4shall be counted G1161 1And G1473 5by him G4711.1 2 the drops G5205 3of rain], G2532 and G2022 shall they be poured G5205 for rain G1519 in G3507 the cloud.
  28 G4482 [2shall flow G3822.3 1Things grown old], G4639.2 [3shadow G1161 1and G3509 2clouds] G1909 over G291.2 untold G1027.1 mortals.
  29 G2532 And G1437 should G4920 one have perceived G555.1 the spreading out G3507 of the clouds, G2471 as equal G4633 of his tent? G1473  
  30 G2400 Behold, G1614 he stretches out G1909 [2upon G1473 3it G2238.5 1light], G2532 and G4492.1 [2 the root G3588 3of the G2281 4sea G2572 1he covers].
  31 G1722 For in G1063   G1473 them G2919 he shall judge G2992 peoples; G1325 he shall give G5160 nourishment G3588 to the G2480 one being strong.
  32 G1909 With G5495 the hands G2572 he covers G5457 light, G2532 and G1781 he gave charge G4012 concerning G1473 it G1722 with G528 the encountering clouds .
  33 G312 He will announce G4012 [2concerning G1473 3him G5384 1his friend] -- G1473   G2934.3 for possession G2532 and G4012 for G93 injustice.