Job 37

  1 G2532 And G575 from G3778 this G5015 [2is disturbed G3588   G2588 1my heart], G1473   G2532 and G640.1 was dropped down G1537 from out of G3588   G5117 its place. G1473  
  2 G191 Hear G189 a report G1722 in G3709 anger G2372 of rage G2962 of the lord! G2532 And G3191.1 a meditation G1537 from out of G4750 his mouth G1473   G1831 shall come forth.
  3 G5270 Underneath G3956 all G3588 the G3772 heaven G3588   G746 is his sovereignty, G2532 and G3588   G5457 his light G1473   G1909 is upon G4420 the wings G3588 of the G1093 earth.
  4 G3694 After G1473 him G994 [2shall yell out G5456 1a voice]; G1026.2 he shall thunder G1722 with G5456 the sound G5196 of his insult; G1473   G2532 and G3756 he shall not bargain G465.1   G1473 them, G3754 that G191 one shall hear G5456 his voice. G1473  
  5 G1026.2 [3will thunder G3588 1The G2478 2strong one G1722 5with G5456 6his voice G1473   G2297 4wonders]. G5610 [2a season G5087 1He established] G2934 for animals, G1492 and they know G1161   G2845 [2of the fold G5010 1 the order]. G1909 Upon G3778 all these things G3956   G3756 [3is not G1839 4receded G1473 1your G3588   G1271 2thought], G3761 nor is G1259 [3reconciled G1473 1your G3588   G2588 2heart] G575 with G4983 your body. G4160 For he did G1063   G3173 great things G3739 which G3756 we knew not; G1492  
  6 G4929 ordering G5510 the snow, saying, G1096 Be G1909 upon G1093 the earth; G2532 and G5494 the winter G5205 rain G1412.1 of his command. G1473  
  7 G1722 In G5495 the hand G3956 of every G444 man G2696 he seals up, G2443 that G1097 [3should know G3956 1every G444 2man] G3588   G1438 his own G769 weakness.
  8 G1525 [3entered G1161 1And G2342 2 the wild beasts] G5259 under G3588 the G4629.2 protection, G2270 and are tranquil G1161   G1909 in G2845 their lair.
  9 G1537 From out of G5009 inner chambers G1904 come G3601 griefs, G575 and from G1161   G207.1 extremities G5592 chilliness.
  10 G2532 And G575 from G4157 the breath G2478 of the strong one G1325 he appoints G3803.1 ice; G3608.1 and he steers G1161   G3588 the G5204 water G5613 where G1437 ever G1014 he wants.
  11 G2532 And G1588 if a chosen G2667.2 [2plasters over G3507 1cloud], G1287 [2disperses G3509 3 the cloud G5457 1 then his light], G1473  
  12 G2532 and G1473 he G2945.1 [2 the swirls G1294 1shall turn aside] G1722 by G2302.2 his rule G1519 for performing G2041 their works -- G1473   G3956 all G3745 as much as G302   G1781 he should give charge G1473 to them.
  13 G3778 These things G4929 were ordered G3844 by G1473 him G1909 upon G3588 the G1093 earth. G1437 Whether G1519 for G3809 instruction, G1437 whether G1519 for G3588   G1093 his land, G1473   G1437 whether G1519 for G1656 an object of his mercy, G2147 he shall find G1473 it.
  14 G1801 Give ear G3778 to these things, G* O Job! G2476 Stand G3560 admonished G1411 by the power G2962 of the lord!
  15 G1492 We know G3754 that G3588   G2316 God G5087 established G3588   G2041 his works, G1473   G5457 [2light G4160 1making] G1537 out of G4655 darkness.
  16 G1987 And he knows G1161   G1253 the distinction G3509 of clouds, G1808.1 and the extraordinary G1161   G4430 calamitous downfalls G4190 of the wicked.
  17 G1473 And your G1161   G3588   G4749 apparel G2329.1 is hot, G2270 but there is tranquility G1909 upon G3588 the G1093 earth G575 from G3558 the south.
  18 G4732 Will you solidify G3326 with G1473 him G1519 for G3822.3 things grown old; G2478 things which are strong G5613 as G3706 the vision G2025.1 of a vessel?
  19 G1302 Why G1321 teach G1473 me, G5100 what G2046 shall we say G1473 to him? G2532 then G3973 let us cease G4183 [2much G3004 1 from saying].
  20 G3361 Is there G976 a book G2228 or G1122 scribe G1473 standing beside me, G3936   G2443 that G444 [3a man G2476 1standing G2678.2 2I should quell]?
  21 G3956 [6to all G1161 1But G3756 4 is not G3707 5visible G3588 2the G5457 3light]; G5080.2 it is radiant G1510.2.3   G1722 among G3588 the things G3822.3 grown old, G5618 as if G3588   G3844 from G1473 him G1909 upon G3509 the clouds.
  22 G575 From G1005 the north G3509 are clouds G5551.1 shining like gold; G1909 in G3778 these G3173 [7 is great G3588 1the G1391 2glory G2532 3and G5092 4honor G3844 5from G3841 6 the almighty];
  23 G2532 and G3756 we do not G2147 find G243 another G3664 likened G3588 to G2479 his strength. G1473   G3588 The one G3588   G1342 [2justly G2919 1judging], G3756 do you not imagine G3633   G1522 that he listens? G1473  
  24 G1352 Therefore G5399 [2shall fear G1473 3him G3588   G444 1men]; G5399 [6shall fear G1161   G1161 1and G1473 7him G2532 2even G3588 3the G4680 4wise G2588 5in heart].