Deuteronomy 3

  1 H6437 Then we turned, H5927 and went H1870 up the way H1316 to Bashan: H5747 and Og H4428 the king H1316 of Bashan H3318 came H7125 out against H3605 us, he and all H5971 his people, H4421 to battle H154 at Edrei.
  2 H3068 And the LORD H559 said H3372 to me, Fear H5414 him not: for I will deliver H3605 him, and all H5971 his people, H776 and his land, H3027 into your hand; H6213 and you shall do H6213 to him as you did H5511 to Sihon H4428 king H567 of the Amorites, H834 which H3427 dwelled H2809 at Heshbon.
  3 H3068 So the LORD H430 our God H5414 delivered H3027 into our hands H5747 Og H1571 also, H4428 the king H1316 of Bashan, H3605 and all H5971 his people: H5221 and we smote H5704 him until H1115 none H7604 was left H8300 to him remaining.
  4 H3920 And we took H3605 all H5892 his cities H6256 at that time, H7151 there was not a city H834 which H3947 we took H8346 not from them, three score H5892 cities, H3605 all H2256 the region H709 of Argob, H4467 the kingdom H5747 of Og H1316 in Bashan.
  5 H3605 All H428 these H5892 cities H1219 were fenced H1364 with high H2346 walls, H1817 gates, H1280 and bars; H905 beside H6519 unwalled H5892 towns H3966 a great H7227 many.
  6 H2763 And we utterly destroyed H6213 them, as we did H5511 to Sihon H4428 king H2809 of Heshbon, H2763 utterly destroying H4962 the men, H802 women, H2945 and children, H3605 of every H5892 city.
  7 H3605 But all H929 the cattle, H7998 and the spoil H5892 of the cities, H962 we took for a prey to ourselves.
  8 H3947 And we took H6256 at that time H3027 out of the hand H8147 of the two H4428 kings H567 of the Amorites H776 the land H5921 that was on H5676 this side H3383 Jordan, H5158 from the river H769 of Arnon H2022 to mount H2768 Hermon;
  9 H2768 (Which Hermon H6722 the Sidonians H7121 call H8303 Sirion; H567 and the Amorites H7121 call H8149 it Shenir;)
  10 H3605 All H5892 the cities H4334 of the plain, H3605 and all H1568 Gilead, H3605 and all H1316 Bashan, H5548 to Salchah H154 and Edrei, H5892 cities H4467 of the kingdom H5747 of Og H1316 in Bashan.
  11 H7535 For only H5747 Og H4428 king H1316 of Bashan H7604 remained H3499 of the remnant H7497 of giants; H2009 behold H6210 his bedstead H6210 was a bedstead H1270 of iron; H7237 is it not in Rabbath H1121 of the children H5983 of Ammon? H8672 nine H520 cubits H753 was the length H702 thereof, and four H520 cubits H7341 the breadth H520 of it, after the cubit H376 of a man.
  12 H2063 And this H776 land, H3423 which we possessed H6256 at that time, H6177 from Aroer, H834 which H5158 is by the river H769 Arnon, H2677 and half H2022 mount H1568 Gilead, H5892 and the cities H5414 thereof, gave H7206 I to the Reubenites H1425 and to the Gadites.
  13 H3499 And the rest H1568 of Gilead, H3605 and all H1316 Bashan, H4467 being the kingdom H5747 of Og, H5414 gave H2677 I to the half H7626 tribe H4519 of Manasseh; H3605 all H2256 the region H709 of Argob, H3605 with all H1316 Bashan, H1931 which H7121 was called H776 the land H7497 of giants.
  14 H2971 Jair H1121 the son H4519 of Manasseh H3947 took H3605 all H2256 the country H709 of Argob H1366 to the coasts H1651 of Geshuri H4602 and Maachathi; H7121 and called H5921 them after H8034 his own name, H1316 Bashanhavothjair, H2334 H2088 to this H3117 day.
  15 H5414 And I gave H1568 Gilead H4353 to Machir.
  16 H7206 And to the Reubenites H1425 and to the Gadites H5414 I gave H1568 from Gilead H5158 even to the river H769 Arnon H8432 half H5158 the valley, H1366 and the border H5158 even to the river H2999 Jabbok, H1366 which is the border H1121 of the children H5983 of Ammon;
  17 H6160 The plain H3383 also, and Jordan, H1366 and the coast H3672 thereof, from Chinnereth H3220 even to the sea H6160 of the plain, H4417 even the salt H3220 sea, H8478 under H798 Ashdothpisgah H6449 H4217 eastward.
  18 H6680 And I commanded H6256 you at that time, H559 saying, H3068 The LORD H430 your God H5414 has given H2063 you this H776 land H3423 to possess H5674 it: you shall pass H5674 over H2502 armed H6440 before H251 your brothers H1121 the children H3478 of Israel, H3605 all H1121 that are meet H2428 for the war.
  19 H802 But your wives, H2945 and your little H4735 ones, and your cattle, H3045 (for I know H7227 that you have much H4735 cattle, H3427 ) shall abide H5892 in your cities H834 which H5414 I have given you;
  20 H5704 Until H3068 the LORD H5117 have given rest H251 to your brothers, H1571 as well as to you, and until they also H3423 possess H776 the land H834 which H3068 the LORD H430 your God H5414 has given H5676 them beyond H3383 Jordan: H7725 and then shall you return H376 every man H3425 to his possession, H834 which H5414 I have given you.
  21 H6680 And I commanded H3091 Joshua H6256 at that time, H559 saying, H5869 Your eyes H7200 have seen H3605 all H3068 that the LORD H430 your God H6213 has done H428 to these H8147 two H4428 kings: H3651 so H3068 shall the LORD H6213 do H3605 to all H4467 the kingdoms H834 where H8033 H5674 you pass.
  22 H3372 You shall not fear H3068 them: for the LORD H430 your God H3898 he shall fight for you.
  23 H2603 And I sought H3068 the LORD H6256 at that time, H559 saying,
  24 H136 O Lord H3069 GOD, H2490 you have begun H7200 to show H5650 your servant H1433 your greatness, H2389 and your mighty H3027 hand: H4310 for what H410 God H8064 is there in heaven H776 or in earth, H6213 that can do H4639 according to your works, H1369 and according to your might?
  25 H4994 I pray H5674 you, let me go H5674 over, H7200 and see H2896 the good H776 land H5676 that is beyond H3383 Jordan, H2896 that goodly H2022 mountain, H3844 and Lebanon.
  26 H3068 But the LORD H5674 was wroth H4616 with me for your sakes, H8085 and would not hear H3068 me: and the LORD H559 said H7227 to me, Let it suffice H1696 you; speak H408 no H5750 more H2088 to me of this H1697 matter.
  27 H5927 Get H7218 you up into the top H6449 of Pisgah, H5375 and lift H5869 up your eyes H3220 westward, H6828 and northward, H8486 and southward, H4217 and eastward, H7200 and behold H5869 it with your eyes: H5674 for you shall not go H5674 over H2088 this H3383 Jordan.
  28 H6680 But charge H3091 Joshua, H2388 and encourage H553 him, and strengthen H5674 him: for he shall go H5674 over H6440 before H2088 this H5971 people, H5157 and he shall cause them to inherit H776 the land H834 which H7200 you shall see.
  29 H3427 So we stayed H1516 in the valley H4136 over H4136 against H1047 Bethpeor.