1 H4853 The burden H1697 of the word H3068 of the LORD H3478 to Israel H4401 by Malachi.
  2 H157 I have loved H5002 you, said H3068 the LORD. H559 Yet you say, H4100 Wherein H157 have you loved H6215 us? Was not Esau H3290 Jacob’s H251 brother? H559 said H3068 the LORD: H157 yet I loved H3290 Jacob,
  3 H8130 And I hated H6215 Esau, H7760 and laid H2022 his mountains H5159 and his heritage H8077 waste H8565 for the dragons H4057 of the wilderness.
  4 H3588 Whereas H123 Edom H559 said, H7567 We are impoverished, H7725 but we will return H1129 and build H2723 the desolate H3541 places; thus H559 said H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts, H1129 They shall build, H2040 but I will throw H2040 down; H7121 and they shall call H1366 them, The border H7564 of wickedness, H5971 and, The people H834 against whom H3068 the LORD H2194 has indignation H5769 for ever.
  5 H5869 And your eyes H7200 shall see, H559 and you shall say, H3068 The LORD H1431 will be magnified H1366 from the border H3478 of Israel.
  6 H1121 A son H3513 honors H2 his father, H5650 and a servant H113 his master: H518 if H2 then I be a father, H346 where H3519 is my honor? H518 and if H113 I be a master, H346 where H4172 is my fear? H559 said H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts H3548 to you, O priests, H959 that despise H8034 my name. H559 And you say, H4100 Wherein H959 have we despised H8034 your name?
  7 H5066 You offer H1351 polluted H3899 bread H4196 on my altar; H559 and you say, H4100 Wherein H1351 have we polluted H559 you? In that you say, H7979 The table H3068 of the LORD H959 is contemptible.
  8 H3588 And if H5066 you offer H5787 the blind H2076 for sacrifice, H7451 is it not evil? H3588 and if H5066 you offer H6455 the lame H2470 and sick, H7451 is it not evil? H7126 offer H4994 it now H6346 to your governor; H7521 will he be pleased H176 with you, or H5375 accept H6440 your person? H559 said H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts.
  9 H6258 And now, H4994 I pray H2470 you, beseech H6440 H410 God H2603 that he will be gracious H2063 to us: this H1961 has been H3027 by your means: H5375 will he regard H6440 your persons? H559 said H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts.
  10 H4310 Who H1571 is there even H5462 among you that would shut H1817 the doors H3808 for nothing? neither H215 do you kindle H4196 fire on my altar H2600 for nothing. H639 I have no H2656 pleasure H559 in you, said H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts, H3808 neither H7521 will I accept H4503 an offering H3027 at your hand.
  11 H4217 For from the rising H8121 of the sun H3996 even to the going H8034 down of the same my name H1419 shall be great H1471 among the Gentiles; H3605 and in every H4725 place H6999 incense H5066 shall be offered H8034 to my name, H2889 and a pure H4503 offering: H8034 for my name H1419 shall be great H1471 among the heathen, H559 said H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts.
  12 H2490 But you have profaned H559 it, in that you say, H7979 The table H3068 of the LORD H1351 is polluted; H5108 and the fruit H400 thereof, even his meat, H959 is contemptible.
  13 H559 You said H2009 also, Behold, H4972 what a weariness H5301 is it! and you have snuffed H559 at it, said H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts; H935 and you brought H1497 that which was torn, H6455 and the lame, H2470 and the sick; H3541 thus H935 you brought H4503 an offering: H7521 should I accept H3027 this of your hand? H559 said H3068 the LORD.
  14 H779 But cursed H5230 be the deceiver, H3426 which H5739 has in his flock H2145 a male, H5087 and vows, H2076 and sacrifices H136 to the LORD H7843 a corrupt H1419 thing: for I am a great H4428 King, H559 said H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts, H8034 and my name H3372 is dreadful H1471 among the heathen.