2 Chronicles 27

  1 H3147 Jotham H6242 was twenty H2568 and five H8141 years H1121 old H4427 when he began to reign; H4427 and he reigned H8337 sixteen H8141 years H3389 in Jerusalem: H517 and his mother's H8034 name H3388 was Jerushah H1323 the daughter H6659 of Zadok.
  2 H6213 And he did H3477 that which was right H5869 in the eyes H3068 of Jehovah, H1 according to all that his father H5818 Uzziah H6213 had done: H935 howbeit he entered H1964 not into the temple H3068 of Jehovah. H5971 And the people H7843 did yet corruptly.
  3 H1129 He built H5945 the upper H8179 gate H1004 of the house H3068 of Jehovah, H2346 and on the wall H6077 of Ophel H1129 he built H7230 much.
  4 H1129 Moreover he built H5892 cities H2022 in the hill-country H3063 of Judah, H2793 and in the forests H1129 he built H1003 castles H4026 and towers.
  5 H3898 He fought H4428 also with the king H5984 of the children of Ammon, H2388 and prevailed H1121 against them. And the children H5983 of Ammon H5414 gave H8141 him the same year H3967 a hundred H3603 talents H3701 of silver, H6235 and ten H505 thousand H3734 measures H2406 of wheat, H6235 and ten H505 thousand H8184 of barley. H1121 So much did the children H5983 of Ammon H7725 render H2063 unto H8145 him, in the second H8141 year H7992 also, and in the third.
  6 H3147 So Jotham H2388 became mighty, H3559 because he ordered H1870 his ways H6440 before H3068 Jehovah H430 his God.
  7 H3499 Now the rest H1697 of the acts H3147 of Jotham, H4421 and all his wars, H1870 and his ways, H3789 behold, they are written H5612 in the book H4428 of the kings H3478 of Israel H3063 and Judah.
  8 H2568 He was five H6242 and twenty H8141 years H1121 old H4427 when he began to reign, H4427 and reigned H8337 sixteen H8141 years H3389 in Jerusalem.
  9 H3147 And Jotham H7901 slept H1 with his fathers, H6912 and they buried H5892 him in the city H1732 of David: H271 and Ahaz H1121 his son H4427 reigned in his stead.