BDB2607 [H2341]

חֲוִילָה proper name, of a territory (√ dubious DlPa 12 suggests חוֺל sand-land, downs, as Hebrew popular etymology, MV11 give it as actual etymology; StaThLZ Apr. 28, 1894, 235 compares this, as well as חוֺל sand, with Arabic soft mud, [dampsand]) — אֶרֶץ הַחֲוִילָה Gen 2:11 (surrounded or bordered — סבב — by river Pishon; noted for excellent gold, bdellium and shoham-stone); elsewhere without article חֲוִילָה Gen 10:7 = 1Chr 1:9 as a 'son' of Cush (between סְבָא and סַבְתָּה); but also as a 'son' of יָקְטָן, a descendant of Shem Gen 10:29 = 1Chr 1:23 (between אוֺפִיר and יוֺבָב); עַדשֿׁוּר ׳מֵח Gen 25:18 said of limits of Ishmaelitish territory; compare same limits of Amalek 1Sam 15:7 (but dubious; We reads טֵילָם, compare v1Sam 15:4 and see Dr; GlaserSkizze ii, 326 reads חֲכִילָה as 1Sam 23:19; 1Sam 26:1; 1Sam 26:3). — Most have supposed several regions named ׳ח to be indicated in these passages: — e.g. Thes.


1. Arabian shore of Persian Gulf Gen 10:29 etc. 2. Ethiopian coast Gen 10:7 etc. 3. India Gen 2:11 (regarded as indefinite extension of 1). DiGen 10:7 distinguishes 1 and 2 either as quite distinct, or as different settlements of one great people, and (on Gen 2:14) thinks that ׳כל ארץ ח Gen 2:11 implies vague extension eastward. DlPa 12 ff. 57 ff. identification ׳ח in all passages with northeast part of Syrian desert, so EMeyGeschichte. Alterth. i. 224; GlaserSkizze ii. 323 ff. with central and northeast Arabia. The question is still undecided.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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