BDB8903 [H8159 H8173]

שָׁעָה verb gaze (steadily, with interest, etc.) (Assyrian še°û, behold, look for, aim at); —

Qal Perfect 3 masculine singular ׳שׁ Gen 4:5, etc.; Imperfect 3 masculine singular יִשְׁעֶה Isa 17:7; Isa 17:8, with apocope וַיִּ֫שַׁע Gen 4:4, 1 singular אֶשְׁעָה (Ges«GKC:75»§ 75 1) Ps 119:117, etc.; Imperative masculine singular שְׁעֵה Job 14:6 masculine plural שְׁעוּ Isa 22:4gazeat, regard (with favour), ׳י subject, with אֶל Gen 4:4; Gen 4:5 (J); with מִן person = turn gaze away Isa 22:4; Job 7:19 Thes Ew Che, + probably Job 10:20 (for יָשִׁית), with מֵעַל person Job 14:6 man subject, regard God (with trust, devotion), with עַל Isa 17:7; Isa 31:1 with אֶל of thing Isa 17:8 with בְּ of words, statutes, Exod 5:9 (J) Ps 119:117 absolute 3 feminine plural תִּשְׁעֶינָה Isa 32:3 shall not behold makes no sense, read probably תְּשֹׁעֶינָה (√ I. שׁעע, Ew and most); 3 masculine plural יִשְׁעוּ 2Sam 22:42 they look (about) for help, < as || Ps 18:42 יְשַׁוְּעוּ. Hiph`il Imperative masculine singular הָשַׁע מִמֶּנִּי Ps 39:14 cause thy gaze to turn away from me (see also √I. שׁעע), < Qal שְׁעֵה as Job 14:6 (compare Job 7:19; Isa 22:4) Hup Bae Du Ges«GKC:75gg»§ 75gg. Hithpa`el Imperfect 2 masculine singular with apocope אַלתִּֿשְׁתָּע Isa 41:10 gaze not about (in anxiety, || אַלתִּֿירָא); 1 plural וְנִשְׁתָּ֫עָה (Ges«GKC:75»§ 75 1) vIsa 41:23 let us look at each other (in rivalry, see ראה Hiph`il).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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