Isaiah 43

Bishops(i) 1 But nowe the Lorde that made thee O Iacob, and he that fashioned thee O Israel saith thus: feare not, for I haue redeemed thee, I haue called thee by thy name, thou art mine owne 2 If thou goest thorow ye water, I wyl be with thee, the strong fluddes shal not ouerwhelme thee: and if thou walkest thorowe the fire, it shall not burne thee, & the flambe shal not kindle vpon thee 3 For I am the Lord thy God, the holye one of Israel thy sauiour: I gaue Egypt for thy deliueraunce, the Ethiopians and the Sabees for thee 4 Because thou wast deare in my sight, and because I set by thee and loued thee: I wyl geue ouer all men for thee, and deliuer vp all people for thy sake 5 Feare not, for I am with thee, I will bryng thy seede from the east, and gather thee together from the west 6 I wyll say to the north, let go, and to the south kepe not backe: but bring me my sonnes from farre, and my daughters from the endes of the worlde 7 [namely] all those that be called after my name: For them haue I created, fashioned, and made for mine honour 8 Bring foorth that people whiche is blinde and yet hath eyes, whiche are deafe although they haue eares 9 If all nations come in one and be gathered together, whiche among them shall declare suche thinges, and tell vs the things that are past? let them bring their witnesse, so that they be iust: els let them heare, and say, it is trueth 10 You are my witnesses saith the Lord, and my seruaunt whom I haue chosen: therefore be certified, and geue me faythfull credence, and consider that I am he before whom there was neuer any god, neither shalbe any after me 11 I am, euen I am the only Lord, and beside me there is no sauiour 12 I gaue warning, I made whole, I taught you when there was no straunge god among you: and this recorde must ye beare me your selues, saith the Lorde, that I am God 13 And euen he am I who was from the beginning, and there is none that can take any thing out of my hande: I do the worke, and who shalbe able to let it 14 Thus saith the Lorde the holy one of Israel your redeemer: for your sake I haue sent to Babylo, & brought it down: al they are fugitiue with the Chaldees, whose sorowfull crie is in their shippes 15 I am the Lord your holy one, which haue made Israel, and am your kyng 16 Thus saith the Lorde, euen he that maketh away in the sea, and a foote path in the mightie waters 17 It is he whiche bringeth foorth the charrets and horses, the hoast and power of warre, that they may fall together and neuer rise, and be extinct, lyke as towe are they quenched 18 Remember not thinges of olde, and regarde nothing that is past 19 Beholde, I shall make a newe thing, and shortly shall it appeare, and shall you not knowe it? I wyll make a way in the desert, and riuers of water in the wyldernesse 20 The wilde beastes shall worship me, the dragons and the young Estriches: for I shall geue water in the wyldernesse, and streames in the desert, that they may geue drinke to my people whom I chose 21 This people haue I made for my self, and they shall shewe foorth my prayse 22 For thou Iacob wouldest not call vppon me, but thou haddest an vnlust towarde me O Israel 23 Thou gauest me not thy beastes for burnt offerings, neither diddest honour me with sacrifices: I haue not ben chargeable vnto thee in offeringes, neither greeuous in incense 24 Thou boughtest me no deare spice with thy money, neither powredst the fat of thy sacrifices vpon me: but thou hast laden me with thy sinnes, and weeried me with thy vngodlynesse 25 Where as I yet, euen I am he onlye that for my owne selues sake do away thine offences, and forget thy sinnes, so that I wyll neuer thinke vpon them 26 Put me now in remembraunce: for we wyl reason together, & shew what thou hast for thee to make thee righteous 27 Thy first father offended sore, and thy rulers haue sinned against me 28 Therefore I profaned [or slue] the princes of the sanctuarie, I dyd curse Iacob, and gaue Israel into reproofe