Jeremiah 6

  1 H1121 O you sons H1144 of Benjamin, H5756 gather yourselves to flee H7130 out of the midst H3389 of Jerusalem, H8628 and blow H7782 the trumpet H8620 in Tekoa, H5375 and set up H4864 a sign H1021 of fire in Beth–haccerem: H7451 for evil H8259 appeared H6828 out of the north, H1419 and great H7667 destruction.
  2 H1820 I have likened H1323 the daughter H6726 of Zion H5116 to a fitting H6026 and delicate woman.
  3 H7462 The shepherds H5739 with their flocks H935 shall come H8628 unto her; they shall pitch H168 their tents H5439 against her round about; H7462 they shall feed H376 every one H3027 in his place.
  4 H6942 Prepare H4421 you war H6965 against her; arise, H5927 and let us go up H6672 at noon. H188 Woe H3117 unto us! for the day H6437 goes away, H6752 for the shadows H6153 of the evening H5186 are stretched out.
  5 H6965 Arise, H5927 and let us go H3915 by night, H7843 and let us destroy H759 her palaces.
  6 H3068 For thus has the Lord H6635 of hosts H559 said, H3772 Hew you down H6097 trees, H8210 and cast H5550 a mountain H3389 against Jerusalem: H5892 this is the city H6485 to be visited; H6233 she is wholly oppression H7130 in the midst of her.
  7 H953 As a fountain H6979 casts out H4325 her waters, H6979 so she casts out H7451 her wickedness: H2555 violence H7701 and plunder H8085 is heard H6440 in her; before me H8548 continually H2483 is grief H4347 and wounds.
  8 H3256 Be you instructed, H3389 O Jerusalem, H5315 lest my soul H3363 depart H7760 from you; lest I make H8077 you desolate, H776 a land H3427 not inhabited.
  9 H559 Thus says H3068 the Lord H6635 of hosts, H5953 They shall throughly H5953 glean H7611 the remnant H3478 of Israel H1612 as a vine: H7725 turn back H3027 your hand H1219 as a grapegatherer H5552 into the baskets.
  10 H1696 To whom shall I speak, H5749 and give warning, H8085 that they may hear? H241 behold, their ear H6189 is uncircumcised, H3201 and they cannot H7181 listen: H1697 behold, the word H3068 of the Lord H2781 is unto them a reproach; H2654 they have no delight in it.
  11 H4392 Therefore I am full H2534 of the fury H3068 of the Lord; H3811 I am weary H3557 with holding in: H8210 I will pour it out H5768 upon the sons H2351 abroad, H5475 and upon the assembly H970 of young men H3162 together: H376 for even the husband H802 with the wife H3920 shall be taken, H2205 the aged H4390 with him that is full H3117 of days.
  12 H1004 And their houses H5437 shall be turned H312 unto others, H7704 with their fields H802 and wives H3162 together: H5186 for I will stretch out H3027 my hand H3427 upon the inhabitants H776 of the land, H5002 says H3068 the Lord.
  13 H6996 For from the least H1419 of them even unto the greatest H1214 of them every one is given H1215 to covetousness; H5030 and from the prophet H3548 even unto the priest H6213 every one deals H8267 falsely.
  14 H7495 They have healed H7667 also the hurt H1323 of the daughter H5971 of my people H7043 slightly, H559 saying, H7965 Peace, H7965 peace; H7965 when there is no peace.
  15 H3001 Were they ashamed H6213 when they had committed H8441 abomination? H1571 No, H954 they were not at all H954 ashamed, H1571 neither H3045 could H3637 they blush: H5307 therefore they shall fall H5307 among them that fall: H6256 at the time H6485 that I visit H3782 them they shall be cast down, H559 says H3068 the Lord.
  16 H559 Thus says H3068 the Lord, H5975 Stand H1870 you in the ways, H7200 and see, H7592 and ask H5769 for the old H5410 paths, H2896 where is the good H1870 way, H3212 and walk H4672 in it, and you shall find H4771 rest H5315 for your souls. H559 But they said, H3212 We will not walk in it.
  17 H6965 Also I set H6822 watchmen H7181 over you, saying, Listen H6963 to the sound H7782 of the trumpet. H559 But they said, H7181 We will not listen.
  18 H8085 Therefore hear, H1471 you nations, H3045 and know, H5712 O congregation, what is among them.
  19 H8085 Hear, H776 O earth: H935 behold, I will bring H7451 evil H5971 upon this people, H6529 even the fruit H4284 of their thoughts, H7181 because they have not listened H1697 unto my words, H8451 nor to my law, H3988 but rejected it.
  20 H935 To what purpose comes H3828 there to me incense H7614 from Sheba, H2896 and the sweet H7070 cane H4801 from a far H776 country? H5930 your burnt offerings H7522 are not acceptable, H2077 nor your sacrifices H6149 sweet unto me.
  21 H559 Therefore thus says H3068 the Lord, H5414 Behold, I will lay H4383 stumblingblocks H5971 before this people, H1 and the fathers H1121 and the sons H3162 together H3782 shall fall H7934 upon them; the neighbor H7453 and his friend H6 shall perish.
  22 H559 Thus says H3068 the Lord, H5971 Behold, a people H935 comes H6828 from the north H776 country, H1419 and a great H1471 nation H5782 shall be raised H3411 from the sides H776 of the earth.
  23 H2388 They shall lay hold H7198 on bow H3591 and spear; H394 they are cruel, H7355 and have no mercy; H6963 their voice H1993 roars H3220 like the sea; H7392 and they ride H5483 upon horses, H6186 set in array H376 as men H4421 for war H1323 against you, O daughter H6726 of Zion.
  24 H8085 We have heard H8089 the fame H3027 there: our hands H7503 become feeble: H6869 anguish H2388 has taken hold H2427 of us, and pain, H3205 as of a woman in hardship.
  25 H3318 Go not forth H7704 into the field, H3212 nor walk H1870 by the way; H2719 for the sword H341 of the enemy H4032 and fear H5439 is on every side.
  26 H1323 O daughter H5971 of my people, H2296 clothe H8242 yourselves with sackcloth, H6428 and wallow H665 in ashes: H6213 make H60 mourning, H3173 as for a only son, H8563 most bitter H4553 lamentation: H7703 for the spoiler H6597 shall suddenly H935 come upon us.
  27 H5414 I have set H969 you for a tower H4013 and a fortress H5971 among my people, H3045 that you may know H974 and try H1870 their way.
  28 H5493 They are all severe H5637 rebels, H1980 walking H7400 with slanders: H5178 they are brass H1270 and iron; H7843 they are all corrupters.
  29 H4647 The bellows H2787 are burned, H5777 the lead H8552 is consumed H800 by the fire; H6884 the founder H6884 melts H7723 in vain: H7451 for the wicked H5423 are not plucked away.
  30 H3988 Reprobate H3701 silver H7121 shall men call H3068 them, because the Lord H3988 has rejected them.