1 H4853 The burden H5210 of Nineveh. H5612 The book H2377 of the vision H5151 of Nahum H512 the Elkoshite.
  2 H410 God H7072 is jealous, H3068 and the Lord H5358 revenges; H3068 the Lord H5358 revenges, H1167 and is furious; H3068 the Lord H5358 will take vengeance H6862 on his adversaries, H5201 and he reserves H341 wrath for his enemies.
  3 H3068 The Lord H750 is slow H639 to anger, H1419 and great H3581 in power, H5352 and will not at all H5352 acquit H3068 the wicked: the Lord H1870 has his way H5492 in the whirlwind H8183 and in the storm, H6051 and the clouds H80 are the dust H7272 of his feet.
  4 H1605 He rebukes H3220 the sea, H2717 and makes it dry, H3001 and dries up H5104 all the rivers: H1316 Bashan H535 languishes, H3760 and Carmel, H6525 and the flower H3844 of Lebanon H535 languishes.
  5 H2022 The mountains H7493 quake H1389 at him, and the hills H4127 melt, H776 and the earth H5375 is burned H6440 at his presence, H8398 Yes, the world, H3427 and all that live in it.
  6 H5975 Who can stand H6440 before H2195 his indignation? H6965 and who can stay H2740 in the fierceness H639 of his anger? H2534 his fury H5413 is poured out H784 like fire, H6697 and the rocks H5422 are thrown down by him.
  7 H3068 The Lord H2896 is good, H4581 a strong hold H3117 in the day H6869 of trouble; H3045 and he knows H2620 them that trust in him.
  8 H5674 But with a overrunning H7858 flood H6213 he will make H3617 a utter end H4725 of the place H2822 there, and darkness H7291 shall pursue H341 his enemies.
  9 H2803 What do you imagine H3068 against the Lord? H6213 he will make H3617 a utter end: H6869 affliction H6965 shall not rise up H6471 the second time.
  10 H5440 For while they be folden together H5518 as thorns, H5433 and while they are drunken H5435 as drunkards, H398 they shall be devoured H7179 as stubble H4392 fully H3002 dry.
  11 H3318 There is one come out H2803 of you, that imagines H7451 evil H3068 against the Lord, H1100 a wicked H3289 counselor.
  12 H559 Thus says H3068 the Lord; H8003 Though they be quiet, H7227 and likewise many, H1494 yet thus shall they be cut down, H5674 when he shall pass through. H6031 Though I have afflicted H6031 you, I will afflict you no more.
  13 H7665 For now will I break H4132 his yoke H5423 from off you, and will burst H4147 your bonds H5423 in pieces.
  14 H3068 And the Lord H6680 has given a commandment H8034 concerning you, that no more of your name H2232 be sown: H1004 out of the house H430 of your gods H3772 will I cut off H6459 the engraved image H4541 and the molten image: H7760 I will make H6913 your grave; H7043 for you are vile.
  15 H2022 Behold upon the mountains H7272 the feet H1319 of him that brings good news, H8085 that publishes H7965 peace! H3063 O Judah, H2287 keep H2282 your solemn feasts, H7999 perform H5088 your vows: H1100 for the wicked H3254 shall no more H5674 pass through H3772 you; he is utterly cut off.