Ecclesiastes 6

CLV(i) 1 There is an evil under the sun that I have seen, And it lies great upon humanity:" 2 When a man to whom the One, Elohim, gives riches and substance and glory, And he has no lack to his soul of all that it yearns for, Yet the One, Elohim, does not give him power to eat of it Because a foreign man eats it, This is a vanity, and it is a travailing evil." 3 If a man begets a hundred children and lives for many years, So that the days of his years become a multitude, Yet his soul is not satisfied with good, And also there is no tomb for him, I say, A stillborn child is better off than he." 4 For it comes in vanity, And in darkness it goes away, And in darkness its name is covered over." 5 Moreover, it neither saw the sun nor knew anything; Thus this had more rest than that man, 6 Even supposing he lived twice a thousand years and saw no good; Are not all going to the same place? 7 All of a man's toil is for his mouth, Yet even then the soul is never filled." 8 For what advantage has a wise man over the stupid one, And what for the humble man who knows how to walk in front of the living? 9 Better the sight of the eyes than the roving of the soul. This too is vanity and a grazing on wind. 10 What has come to be has already been called by its name, And that which man is has been foreknown; No one can adjudicate against Him Who is mightier than he." 11 When there are many words the vanity increases; What advantage is that to man? 12 For who knows what is good for a man in life During the number of days in his life of vanity, Seeing that He makes them like a shadow? For who can tell a man what shall come after him under the sun?