Genesis 26:18-21

CLV(i) 18 And returning is Isaac and delving the wells of water which were delved by servants of Abraham, his father, and the Philistines had stopped them up after the death of Abraham, his father. And calling is he them by names according to the names which Abraham, his father, called them. 19 And delving are the servants of Isaac in the watercourse of Gerar, and finding are they there a well of living water. 20 And contending are the graziers of Gerar with Isaac's graziers saying, "Ours is the water.And calling is he the name of the well Esek, for extortionate show they themselves with him. 21 And shifting is Isaac thence, and delving are they another well. Yet contending are they, moreover, over it. And calling is he its name Sitnah.