Genesis 36

Coverdale(i) 1 This is the generacio of Esau, which is called Edom. 2 Esau toke wyues of the doughters of Canaan. Ada the doughter of Elo the Hethite: & Ahalibama the doughter of Ana, the childes childe of Zibeon the Heuyte: 3 And Basmath Ismaels doughter, the sister of Nebaioth. 4 And Ada bare Eliphas vnto Esau. Basmath bare Reguel. 5 Ahalibama bare Ieus, Iaelam, & Korah. These are the childre of Esau, yt were borne vnto him in the lande of Canaan. 6 And Esau toke his wiues sonnes & doughters, and all the soules of his house, his substaunce, and all the catell with all the goodes that he had gotten in the lande of Canaan, and wente in to a countre awaye fro his brother Iacob: 7 for their substaunce was so greate, that they coude not dwell together: and the londe wherin they were straungers, might not holde them because of their goodes. 8 So Esau dwelt vpon mount Seir. And Esau is Edom. 9 This is ye generacio of Esau, of who are come ye Edomites vpon ye mount Seir. 10 And these are ye names of the childre of Esau: Eliphas ye sonne of Ada Esaus wife: Reguel ye sonne of Basmath Esaus wife: 11 The sonnes of Eliphas were these: Theman, Omar, Zepho, Gaetham & Kenas. 12 And Thimna was a concubyne of Elyphas ye sonne of Esau, and bare him Amaleck. These are ye children of Ada Esaus wyfe. 13 The children of Reguel are these: Nahath Serah, Samma, Misa. These are the children of Basmath Esaus wife. 14 The children of Ahalibama Esaus wife the doughter of Ana, that was the childes childe of Zibeon (which she bare vnto Esau) are these: Ieus, Iaelam and Korah. 15 These are the prynces amoge the childre of Esau. The children of Eliphas the first sonne of Esau, were these: The prynce Theman, ye prynce Omar, the prynce Zepho, the prynce Kenas, 16 the prynce Korah, the prynce Gaethan, the prynce Amaleck. These are the prynces of Eliphas in the lade of Edo, and are the children of Ada. 17 And these are the children of Roguel Esaus sonne: ye prynce Nahath, ye prynce Serah, ye prynce Sama, ye prynce Misa. These are ye prynces of Reguel in ye londe of ye Edomites, & they are ye children of Basmath Esaus wife. 18 These are the children of Ahalibama Esaus wife: The prynce Ieus, ye prince Iaelam, the prynce Korah. These are the prynces of Ahalibama, ye doughter of Ana Esaus wife. 19 These are ye childre of Esau and their princes. He is Edom. 20 The children of Seir ye Horite yt dwelt in the londe, are these: Lothan, Sobal, Zibeon, Ana, 21 Dison, Ezer & Disan. These are the prynces of the Horites, all children of Seir in the londe of Idumea. 22 But ye childre of Lothan were these: Hori, & Hema, & Lothas sister was called Thimna. 23 The children of Sobal were these: Alua, Manahat, Ebal, Sepho & Ona. 24 The childre of Zibeo were: Aia & Ana. This is the same Ana yt foude Mules in ye wyldernes, wha he kepte his fathers Zibeons Asses. 25 The children of Ana were: Dison: & Ahalibama, yt is ye doughter of Ana. 26 The childre of Dison were: Hemdan, Esban, Iethra & Charan. 27 The children of Ezer were: Bilhan, Seana, & Ackan. 28 The children of Disan were: Vz & Aran. 29 These are ye prices of ye Horites: The prince Lothan, ye prynce Sobal, ye prynce Zibeo, ye prynce Ana, 30 ye prynce Dison, ye prince Ezer, ye prynce Disan. These are the prynces of the Horites, which ruled in ye londe of Seir. 31 The kynges that reigned in the londe of Edumea (before the childre of Israel had eny kynge) are these: 32 Bela ye sonne of Beor was kynge in Edumea, & ye name of his cite was Dinhaba. 33 And wha Bela died, Iobab ye sonne of Serah of Bosra was kinge in his steade. 34 When Iobab dyed, Husam out of ye lode of the Themanites was kynge in his steade. 35 Whan Husam dyed, Hadad ye sonne of Bedad) which slewe ye Madianites in ye Moabites felde) was kinge in his steade, & the name of his cite was Auith. 36 Whan Hadad dyed, Samla of Masreck was kinge in his steade. 37 Wha Samla died, Saul of Rehoboth by ye water syde, was kinge in his steade. 38 Whan Saul dyed, Baal Hana the sonne of Achbor was kynge in his steade. 39 Wha Baal Hana the sonne of Achbor dyed, Hadad was kinge in his steade, & the name of his cite was Pagu, & his wifes name was Mehet Abeel, the doughter of Matred, the doughter of Mesahab. 40 Thus are the princes of Esau called in their kynreds, places & names: The prynce Thymna, ye prynce Alua, ye prynce Ietheth, 41 the prynce Ahalibama, the prynce Ela, the prynce Pynon, 42 the prynce Kenas, ye prynce Theman, ye prince Mibzar, 43 the prince Magdiel, ye prynce Ira. These are the prynces in Edumea, like as they dwelt in ye lade of their possessions. And Esau is ye father of ye Edomites.