Isaiah 31

Coverdale(i) 1 Wo vnto them that go downe in to Egipte for helpe, and trust in horses, and conforte them selues in Charettes, because they be many, and in horse me because they be lustie and stronge. But they regarde not the holy one of Israel, and they aske no question at the LORDE. 2 Where as he neuertheles plageth ye wicked, and yet goeth not from his worde, wha he steppeth forth and taketh the victory agaynst the housholde of the frauwerde, and against the helpe of euel doers. 3 Now the Egiptians are men, and not God, and their horses flesh and not sprete. And as soone as the LORDE stretcheth out his honde, then shal the helper fall, and he that shulde haue bene helped, and shal altogether be destroyed. 4 For thus hath the LORDE spoke vnto me: Like as the Lyon or lyos whelpe roareth vpon the pray that he hath gotten, and is not afrayde, though ye multitude of shepardes crie out vpon him, nether abashed for all the heape of them: So shal the LORDE of hoostes come downe from the mount Sion, and defende his hill. 5 Like as byrdes flotre aboute their nestes, so shal the LORDE of hoostes kepe, saue, defende and deliuer Ierusalem. 6 Therfore (o ye childre of Israel turne agayne, like as ye hahaue exceaded in youre goinge back. 7 For in yt daye euery man shal cast out his Idols of syluer and golde, which ye haue made with youre synful hondes. 8 Assur also shalbe slayne with the swerde, not wt a mans swerde. A swerde shal deuoure him, but not a mans swerde. And he shal fle from the slaughter, and his seruauntes shalbe taken prisoners. 9 He shal go for feare to his stronge holdes, and his prynces shal fle from his badge. This hath ye LORDE spoke, whose light burneth in Sion, and his fyre in Ierusalem.