Psalms 125

Coverdale(i) 1 They that put their trust in ye LORDE, are eue as the mount Sion, which maye not be remoued, but stodeth fast for euer. 2 The hilles stonde aboute Ierusalem, euen so stondeth the LORDE rounde aboute his people, fro this tyme forth for euermore. 3 That the rodd of the vngodly come not into the lott of the rightuous, lest the rightuous put their honde vnto wickednesse. 4 Do wel (o LORDE) vnto those that be good and true of herte. 5 As for soch as turne backe vnto their owne wickednesse, the LORDE shal lede them forth with the euell doers: but peace be vpon Israel.