Jeremiah 44:15-19

Great(i) 15 Then all the men which knewe that their wyues had offred vnto straunge goddes, and a greate sorte of wyues that stode there, yee, and all the people that dwelt there in Egipt in the cytie of Patures, answerde Ieremye, and sayde: 16 As for the wordes that thou hast spoken vnto vs, in the name of the Lorde, we wyll in no wyse heare them: 17 but whatsoeuer goeth out of oure awne mouthe, that we wyll do. We wyll do sacrifyce and offer oblatyons vnto the quene of heauen, lyke as we and our forefathers, oure kynges and oure heades haue done in the cytie of Iuda, and in the stretes and feldes of Ierusalem. For then had we plenteousnes of vitayles, then were we in prosperyte, and no mysfortune came vpon vs. 18 But sens we left to burne incense, and to do sacrifyce vnto the quene of heauen, we haue had scarcenesse of all thynges, and perisshe with the swearde and honger. 19 Last of all, when we wemen dyd sacrifyce and offered vnto the quene of heauen, dyd we make her cakes and poure vnto her drinckofferinges, euen to that ymage dyd we sacrifyce and seruice, without oure husbandes wylles?