Jeremiah 45

Great(i) 1 These are the wordes that Ieremye the prophete spake vnto Baruch the sonne of Neriah. after that he had wrytten these sermons in a boke at the mouth of Ieremy: In the fourth yeare of Iehoakim the sonne of Iosias kynge of Iuda, sayinge. 2 Thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel vnto the, O Baruch. 3 In somoche as thou thoughtest thus, when thou wast writtyng, Wo is me, the Lorde hath geuen me sorowe vpon sorowe. I haue weryed my selfe with syghing, and haue founde no rest. 4 Therfore tell hym, O Ieremye, that the Lorde sayth thus: Beholde, the thing that I haue buylded, wyll I breake downe agayne and rote out the thinge that I haue planted: yee, this whole lande. 5 And sekest thou yet promotion? Loke not for it, and desyre it not. For I wyll brynge a miserable plage vpon all fleshe, sayeth the Lorde. But thy lyfe wyll I geue the for a praye in all places, wheresoeuer thou goest.