Luke 14:8

  8 G3752 οταν When G2564 (G5686) κληθης Thou Art Invited G5259 υπο By G5100 τινος Anyone G1519 εις To G1062 γαμους   G3361 μη Wedding Feasts, G2625 (G5686) κατακλιθης Do Not Recline G1519 εις In G3588 την The G4411 πρωτοκλισιαν First Place, G3379 μηποτε Lest G1784 εντιμοτερος A More Honourable Than G4675 σου   G5600 (G5753) η Thou G2564 (G5772) κεκλημενος May Have Been Invited G5259 υπ By G846 αυτου Him,