Romans 1:20

  20 G3588 τα   G1063 γαρ For The G517 αορατα Invisible Things G846 αυτου Of Him G575 απο From G2937 κτισεως Creation G2889 κοσμου Of "the" World G3588 τοις By The G4161 ποιημασιν Things Made G3539 (G5746) νοουμενα Both G2529 (G5743) καθοραται   G3588 η   G5037 τε Eternal G126 αιδιος   G846 αυτου His G1411 δυναμις Power G2532 και And G2305 θειοτης Divinity; G1519 εις   G3588 το For G1511 (G5750) ειναι To Be G846 αυτους Them G379 αναπολογητους Without Excuse.