Ecclesiastes 12:8-10

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  8 H1892 הבל Vanity H1892 הבלים of vanities, H559 אמר saith H6953 הקוהלת the preacher; H3605 הכל all H1892 הבל׃ vanity.
  9 H3148 ויתר And moreover, H1961 שׁהיה was H6953 קהלת because the preacher H2450 חכם wise, H5750 עוד he still H3925 למד taught H1847 דעת knowledge; H853 את   H5971 העם the people H238 ואזן yea, he gave good heed, H2713 וחקר and sought out, H8626 תקן set in order H4912 משׁלים proverbs. H7235 הרבה׃ many
  10 H1245 בקשׁ sought H6953 קהלת The preacher H4672 למצא to find out H1697 דברי words: H2656 חפץ acceptable H3789 וכתוב and written H3476 ישׁר upright, H1697 דברי words H571 אמת׃ of truth.