1 Chronicles 28:9

  9 H8010 And thou, Solomon H1121 my son H3045 , know [H8798]   H430 thou the God H1 of thy father H5647 , and serve [H8798]   H8003 him with a perfect H3820 heart H2655 and with a willing H5315 mind H3068 : for the LORD H1875 searcheth [H8802]   H3824 all hearts H995 , and understandeth [H8688]   H3336 all the imaginations H4284 of the thoughts H1875 : if thou seek [H8799]   H4672 him, he will be found [H8735]   H5800 of thee; but if thou forsake [H8799]   H2186 him, he will cast thee off [H8686]   H5703 for ever.