1 Peter 1:12

  12 G3739 Unto whom G601 it was revealed [G5681]   G3754 , that G3756 not G1438 unto themselves G1161 , but G2254 unto us G1247 they did minister [G5707]   G846 the things G3739 , which G312 are G3568 now G312 reported [G5648]   G5213 unto you G1223 by G2097 them that have preached the gospel [G5671]   G5209 unto you G1722 with G40 the Holy G4151 Ghost G649 sent down [G5651]   G575 from G3772 heaven G3739 ; which things G32 the angels G1937 desire [G5719]   G3879 to look [G5658]   G1519 into.