Acts 23:12-15

  12 G1161 And G1096 when it was [G5637]   G2250 day G5100 , certain G2453 of the Jews G4160 banded together [G5660]   G4963   G332 , and bound G1438 themselves G332 under a curse [G5656]   G3004 , saying [G5723]   G5315 that they would G3383 neither G5315 eat [G5629]   G3383 nor G4095 drink [G5629]   G2193 till G3739   G615 they had killed [G5725]   G3972 Paul.
  13 G1161 And G2258 they were [G5713]   G4119 more than G5062 forty G3588 which G4160 had made [G5761]   G5026 this G4945 conspiracy.
  14 G3748 And they G4334 came to [G5631]   G749 the chief priests G2532 and G4245 elders G2036 , and said [G5627]   G332 , We have bound [G5656]   G1438 ourselves G331 under a great curse G1089 , that we will eat [G5664]   G3367 nothing G2193 until G3739   G615 we have slain [G5725]   G3972 Paul.
  15 G3568 Now G3767 therefore G5210 ye G4862 with G4892 the council G1718 signify [G5657]   G5506 to the chief captain G3704 that G2609 he bring G846 him G2609 down [G5632]   G4314 unto G5209 you G839 to morrow G5613 , as G3195 though ye would [G5723]   G1231 enquire [G5721]   G197 something more perfectly G4012 concerning G846 him G1161 : and G2249 we G4253 , or ever G846 he G1448 come near [G5658]   G2070 , are [G5748]   G2092 ready G337 to kill [G5629]   G846 him.