Deuteronomy 5

  1 H4872 And Moses H7121 called [H8799]   H3478 all Israel H559 , and said [H8799]   H8085 unto them, Hear [H8798]   H3478 , O Israel H2706 , the statutes H4941 and judgments H1696 which I speak [H8802]   H241 in your ears H3117 this day H3925 , that ye may learn [H8804]   H8104 them, and keep [H8804]   H6213 , and do [H8800]   them.
  2 H3068 The LORD H430 our God H3772 made [H8804]   H1285 a covenant H2722 with us in Horeb.
  3 H3068 The LORD H3772 made [H8804]   H1285 not this covenant H1 with our fathers H587 , but with us H428 , even us, who are all of us H2416 here alive H3117 this day.
  4 H3068 The LORD H1696 talked [H8765]   H6440 with you face H6440 to face H2022 in the mount H8432 out of the midst H784 of the fire,
  5 H5975 (I stood [H8802]   H3068 between the LORD H6256 and you at that time H5046 , to shew [H8687]   H1697 you the word H3068 of the LORD H3372 : for ye were afraid [H8804]   H6440 by reason H784 of the fire H5927 , and went not up [H8804]   H2022 into the mount H559 ;) saying [H8800]  ,
  6 H3068 I am the LORD H430 thy God H3318 , which brought thee out [H8689]   H776 of the land H4714 of Egypt H1004 , from the house H5650 of bondage.
  7 H312 Thou shalt have none other H430 gods H6440 before me.
  8 H6213 Thou shalt not make [H8799]   H6459 thee any graven image H8544 , or any likeness H8064 of any thing that is in heaven H4605 above H776 , or that is in the earth H4325 beneath, or that is in the waters H776 beneath the earth:
  9 H7812 Thou shalt not bow down [H8691]   H5647 thyself unto them, nor serve [H8714]   H3068 them: for I the LORD H430 thy God H7067 am a jealous H410 God H6485 , visiting [H8802]   H5771 the iniquity H1 of the fathers H1121 upon the children H8029 unto the third H7256 and fourth H8130 generation of them that hate [H8802]   me,
  10 H6213 And shewing [H8802]   H2617 mercy H505 unto thousands H157 of them that love [H8802]   H8104 me and keep [H8802]   H4687 my commandments.
  11 H5375 Thou shalt not take [H8799]   H8034 the name H3068 of the LORD H430 thy God H7723 in vain H3068 : for the LORD H5352 will not hold him guiltless [H8762]   H5375 that taketh [H8799]   H8034 his name H7723 in vain.
  12 H8104 Keep [H8800]   H7676 the sabbath H3117 day H6942 to sanctify [H8763]   H3068 it, as the LORD H430 thy God H6680 hath commanded [H8765]   thee.
  13 H8337 Six H3117 days H5647 thou shalt labour [H8799]   H6213 , and do [H8804]   H4399 all thy work:
  14 H7637 But the seventh H3117 day H7676 is the sabbath H3068 of the LORD H430 thy God H6213 : in it thou shalt not do [H8799]   H4399 any work H1121 , thou, nor thy son H1323 , nor thy daughter H5650 , nor thy manservant H519 , nor thy maidservant H7794 , nor thine ox H2543 , nor thine ass H929 , nor any of thy cattle H1616 , nor thy stranger H8179 that is within thy gates H5650 ; that thy manservant H519 and thy maidservant H5117 may rest [H8799]   as well as thou.
  15 H2142 And remember [H8804]   H5650 that thou wast a servant H776 in the land H4714 of Egypt H3068 , and that the LORD H430 thy God H3318 brought [H8686]   H2389 thee out thence through a mighty H3027 hand H5186 and by a stretched out [H8803]   H2220 arm H3068 : therefore the LORD H430 thy God H6680 commanded [H8765]   H6213 thee to keep [H8800]   H7676 the sabbath H3117 day.
  16 H3513 Honour [H8761]   H1 thy father H517 and thy mother H3068 , as the LORD H430 thy God H6680 hath commanded [H8765]   H3117 thee; that thy days H748 may be prolonged [H8686]   H3190 , and that it may go well [H8799]   H127 with thee, in the land H3068 which the LORD H430 thy God H5414 giveth [H8802]   thee.
  17 H7523 Thou shalt not kill [H8799]  .
  18 H5003 Neither shalt thou commit adultery [H8799]  .
  19 H1589 Neither shalt thou steal [H8799]  .
  20 H6030 Neither shalt thou bear [H8799]   H7723 false H5707 witness H7453 against thy neighbour.
  21 H2530 Neither shalt thou desire [H8799]   H7453 thy neighbour's H802 wife H183 , neither shalt thou covet [H8691]   H7453 thy neighbour's H1004 house H7704 , his field H5650 , or his manservant H519 , or his maidservant H7794 , his ox H2543 , or his ass H7453 , or any thing that is thy neighbour's.
  22 H1697 These words H3068 the LORD H1696 spake [H8765]   H6951 unto all your assembly H2022 in the mount H8432 out of the midst H784 of the fire H6051 , of the cloud H6205 , and of the thick darkness H1419 , with a great H6963 voice H3254 : and he added no more [H8804]   H3789 . And he wrote [H8799]   H8147 them in two H3871 tables H68 of stone H5414 , and delivered [H8799]   them unto me.
  23 H8085 And it came to pass, when ye heard [H8800]   H6963 the voice H8432 out of the midst H2822 of the darkness H2022 , (for the mountain H1197 did burn [H8802]   H784 with fire H7126 ,) that ye came near [H8799]   H7218 unto me, even all the heads H7626 of your tribes H2205 , and your elders;
  24 H559 And ye said [H8799]   H3068 , Behold, the LORD H430 our God H7200 hath shewed [H8689]   H3519 us his glory H1433 and his greatness H8085 , and we have heard [H8804]   H6963 his voice H8432 out of the midst H784 of the fire H7200 : we have seen [H8804]   H3117 this day H430 that God H1696 doth talk [H8762]   H120 with man H2425 , and he liveth [H8804]  .
  25 H4191 Now therefore why should we die [H8799]   H1419 ? for this great H784 fire H398 will consume [H8799]   H8085 us: if we hear [H8800]   H6963 the voice H3068 of the LORD H430 our God H3254 any more [H8802]   H4191 , then we shall die [H8804]  .
  26 H1320 For who is there of all flesh H8085 , that hath heard [H8804]   H6963 the voice H2416 of the living H430 God H1696 speaking [H8764]   H8432 out of the midst H784 of the fire H2421 , as we have, and lived [H8799]  ?
  27 H7126 Go thou near [H8798]   H8085 , and hear [H8798]   H3068 all that the LORD H430 our God H559 shall say [H8799]   H1696 : and speak [H8762]   H3068 thou unto us all that the LORD H430 our God H1696 shall speak [H8762]   H8085 unto thee; and we will hear [H8804]   H6213 it, and do [H8804]   it .
  28 H3068 And the LORD H8085 heard [H8799]   H6963 the voice H1697 of your words H1696 , when ye spake [H8763]   H3068 unto me; and the LORD H559 said [H8799]   H8085 unto me, I have heard [H8804]   H6963 the voice H1697 of the words H5971 of this people H1696 , which they have spoken [H8765]   H3190 unto thee: they have well [H8689]   H1696 said all that they have spoken [H8765]  .
  29 H2088 O that there were such H4310 an H3824 heart H5414 in them [H8799]   H3372 , that they would fear [H8800]   H8104 me, and keep [H8800]   H4687 all my commandments H3117 always H3190 , that it might be well [H8799]   H1121 with them, and with their children H5769 for ever!
  30 H3212 Go [H8798]   H559 say [H8798]   H7725 to them, Get H168 you into your tents H7725 again [H8798]  .
  31 H5975 But as for thee, stand [H8798]   H5978 thou here by me H1696 , and I will speak [H8762]   H4687 unto thee all the commandments H2706 , and the statutes H4941 , and the judgments H3925 , which thou shalt teach [H8762]   H6213 them, that they may do [H8804]   H776 them in the land H5414 which I give [H8802]   H3423 them to possess [H8800]   it.
  32 H8104 Ye shall observe [H8804]   H6213 to do [H8800]   H3068 therefore as the LORD H430 your God H6680 hath commanded [H8765]   H5493 you: ye shall not turn aside [H8799]   H3225 to the right hand H8040 or to the left.
  33 H3212 Ye shall walk [H8799]   H1870 in all the ways H3068 which the LORD H430 your God H6680 hath commanded [H8765]   H2421 you, that ye may live [H8799]   H2895 , and that it may be well [H8804]   H748 with you, and that ye may prolong [H8689]   H3117 your days H776 in the land H3423 which ye shall possess [H8799]  .