Ezekiel 27

  1 H1697 The word H3068 of the LORD H559 came again unto me, saying [H8800]  ,
  2 H1121 Now, thou son H120 of man H5375 , take up [H8798]   H7015 a lamentation H6865 for Tyrus;
  3 H559 And say [H8804]   H6865 unto Tyrus H3427 , O thou that art situate [H8802]   H3997 at the entry H3220 of the sea H7402 , which art a merchant [H8802]   H5971 of the people H7227 for many H339 isles H559 , Thus saith [H8804]   H136 the Lord H3069 GOD H6865 ; O Tyrus H559 , thou hast said [H8804]   H3632 , I am of perfect H3308 beauty.
  4 H1366 Thy borders H3820 are in the midst H3220 of the seas H1129 , thy builders [H8802]   H3634 have perfected [H8804]   H3308 thy beauty.
  5 H1129 They have made [H8804]   H3871 all thy ship boards H1265 of fir trees H8149 of Senir H3947 : they have taken [H8804]   H730 cedars H3844 from Lebanon H6213 to make [H8800]   H8650 masts for thee.
  6 H437 Of the oaks H1316 of Bashan H6213 have they made [H8804]   H4880 thine oars H1323 ; the company H839 of the Ashurites H6213 have made [H8804]   H7175 thy benches H8127 of ivory H339 , brought out of the isles H3794 of Chittim.
  7 H8336 Fine linen H7553 with broidered work H4714 from Egypt H4666 was that which thou spreadest forth H5251 to be thy sail H8504 ; blue H713 and purple H339 from the isles H473 of Elishah H4374 was that which covered thee.
  8 H3427 The inhabitants [H8802]   H6721 of Zidon H719 and Arvad H7751 were thy mariners [H8801]   H2450 : thy wise H6865 men, O Tyrus H2259 , that were in thee, were thy pilots.
  9 H2205 The ancients H1380 of Gebal H2450 and the wise H919 men thereof were in thee thy calkers H2388   [H8688]   H591 : all the ships H3220 of the sea H4419 with their mariners H6148 were in thee to occupy [H8800]   H4627 thy merchandise.
  10 H6539 They of Persia H3865 and of Lud H6316 and of Phut H2428 were in thine army H582 , thy men H4421 of war H8518 : they hanged [H8765]   H4043 the shield H3553 and helmet H5414 in thee; they set forth [H8804]   H1926 thy comeliness.
  11 H1121 The men H719 of Arvad H2428 with thine army H2346 were upon thy walls H5439 round about H1575 , and the Gammadims H4026 were in thy towers H8518 : they hanged [H8765]   H7982 their shields H2346 upon thy walls H5439 round about H3634 ; they have made H3308 thy beauty H3634 perfect [H8804]  .
  12 H8659 Tarshish H5503 was thy merchant [H8802]   H7230 by reason of the multitude H1952 of all kind of riches H3701 ; with silver H1270 , iron H913 , tin H5777 , and lead H5414 , they traded [H8804]   H5801 in thy fairs.
  13 H3120 Javan H8422 , Tubal H4902 , and Meshech H7402 , they were thy merchants [H8802]   H5414 : they traded [H8804]   H5315 the persons H120 of men H3627 and vessels H5178 of brass H4627 in thy market.
  14 H1004 They of the house H8425 of Togarmah H5414 traded [H8804]   H5801 in thy fairs H5483 with horses H6571 and horsemen H6505 and mules.
  15 H1121 The men H1719 of Dedan H7402 were thy merchants [H8802]   H7227 ; many H339 isles H5506 were the merchandise H3027 of thine hand H7725 : they brought [H8689]   H814 thee for a present H7161 horns H8127 of ivory H1894 and ebony.
  16 H758 Syria H5503 was thy merchant [H8802]   H7230 by reason of the multitude H4639 of the wares of thy making H5414 : they occupied [H8804]   H5801 in thy fairs H5306 with emeralds H713 , purple H7553 , and broidered work H948 , and fine linen H7215 , and coral H3539 , and agate.
  17 H3063 Judah H776 , and the land H3478 of Israel H7402 , they were thy merchants [H8802]   H5414 : they traded [H8804]   H4627 in thy market H2406 wheat H4511 of Minnith H6436 , and Pannag H1706 , and honey H8081 , and oil H6875 , and balm.
  18 H1834 Damascus H5503 was thy merchant [H8802]   H7230 in the multitude H4639 of the wares of thy making H7230 , for the multitude H1952 of all riches H3196 ; in the wine H2463 of Helbon H6713 , and white H6785 wool.
  19 H2051 Dan [H8676]   H1835   H3120 also and Javan H235 going to and fro [H8794]   H5414 occupied [H8804]   H5801 in thy fairs H6219 : bright H1270 iron H6916 , cassia H7070 , and calamus H4627 , were in thy market.
  20 H1719 Dedan H7402 was thy merchant [H8802]   H2667 in precious H899 clothes H7396 for chariots.
  21 H6152 Arabia H5387 , and all the princes H6938 of Kedar H5503 , they occupied H3027 with thee H3733 in lambs H352 , and rams H6260 , and goats H5503 : in these were they thy merchants [H8802]  .
  22 H7402 The merchants [H8802]   H7614 of Sheba H7484 and Raamah H7402 , they were thy merchants [H8802]   H5414 : they occupied [H8804]   H5801 in thy fairs H7218 with chief H1314 of all spices H3368 , and with all precious H68 stones H2091 , and gold.
  23 H2771 Haran H3656 , and Canneh H5729 , and Eden H7402 , the merchants [H8802]   H7614 of Sheba H804 , Asshur H3638 , and Chilmad H7402 , were thy merchants [H8802]  .
  24 H7402 These were thy merchants [H8802]   H4360 in all sorts H8504 of things, in blue H1545 clothes H7553 , and broidered work H1595 , and in chests H1264 of rich apparel H2280 , bound [H8803]   H2256 with cords H729 , and made of cedar H4819 , among thy merchandise.
  25 H591 The ships H8659 of Tarshish H7788 did sing [H8802]   H4627 of thee in thy market H4390 : and thou wast replenished [H8735]   H3966 , and made very H3513 glorious [H8799]   H3820 in the midst H3220 of the seas.
  26 H7751 Thy rowers [H8801]   H935 have brought [H8689]   H7227 thee into great H4325 waters H6921 : the east H7307 wind H7665 hath broken [H8804]   H3820 thee in the midst H3220 of the seas.
  27 H1952 Thy riches H5801 , and thy fairs H4627 , thy merchandise H4419 , thy mariners H2259 , and thy pilots H919 , thy calkers H2388   [H8688]   H6148 , and the occupiers [H8802]   H4627 of thy merchandise H582 , and all thy men H4421 of war H6951 , that are in thee, and in all thy company H8432 which is in the midst H5307 of thee, shall fall [H8799]   H3820 into the midst H3220 of the seas H3117 in the day H4658 of thy ruin.
  28 H4054 The suburbs H7493 shall shake [H8799]   H6963 at the sound H2201 of the cry H2259 of thy pilots.
  29 H8610 And all that handle [H8802]   H4880 the oar H4419 , the mariners H2259 , and all the pilots H3220 of the sea H3381 , shall come down [H8804]   H591 from their ships H5975 , they shall stand [H8799]   H776 upon the land;
  30 H6963 And shall cause their voice H8085 to be heard [H8689]   H2199 against thee, and shall cry [H8799]   H4751 bitterly H5927 , and shall cast up [H8686]   H6083 dust H7218 upon their heads H6428 , they shall wallow [H8691]   H665 themselves in the ashes:
  31 H7144 And they shall make themselves utterly H7139 bald [H8689]   H2296 for thee, and gird [H8804]   H8242 them with sackcloth H1058 , and they shall weep [H8804]   H4751 for thee with bitterness H5315 of heart H4751 and bitter H4553 wailing.
  32 H5204 And in their wailing H5375 they shall take up [H8804]   H7015 a lamentation H6969 for thee, and lament [H8790]   H6865 over thee, saying, What city is like Tyrus H1822 , like the destroyed H8432 in the midst H3220 of the sea?
  33 H5801 When thy wares H3318 went forth [H8800]   H3220 out of the seas H7646 , thou filledst [H8689]   H7227 many H5971 people H6238 ; thou didst enrich [H8689]   H4428 the kings H776 of the earth H7230 with the multitude H1952 of thy riches H4627 and of thy merchandise.
  34 H6256 In the time H7665 when thou shalt be broken [H8737]   H3220 by the seas H4615 in the depths H4325 of the waters H4627 thy merchandise H6951 and all thy company H8432 in the midst H5307 of thee shall fall [H8804]  .
  35 H3427 All the inhabitants [H8802]   H339 of the isles H8074 shall be astonished [H8804]   H4428 at thee, and their kings H8178 shall be sore H8175 afraid [H8804]   H7481 , they shall be troubled [H8804]   H6440 in their countenance.
  36 H5503 The merchants [H8802]   H5971 among the people H8319 shall hiss [H8804]   H1091 at thee; thou shalt be a terror H5704 , and never shalt be any more H5769  .