Ezra 9

  1 H3615 Now when these things were done [H8763]   H8269 , the princes H5066 came [H8738]   H559 to me, saying [H8800]   H5971 , The people H3478 of Israel H3548 , and the priests H3881 , and the Levites H914 , have not separated [H8738]   H5971 themselves from the people H776 of the lands H8441 , doing according to their abominations H3669 , even of the Canaanites H2850 , the Hittites H6522 , the Perizzites H2983 , the Jebusites H5984 , the Ammonites H4125 , the Moabites H4713 , the Egyptians H567 , and the Amorites.
  2 H5375 For they have taken [H8804]   H1323 of their daughters H1121 for themselves, and for their sons H6944 : so that the holy H2233 seed H6148 have mingled [H8694]   H5971 themselves with the people H776 of those lands H3027 : yea, the hand H8269 of the princes H5461 and rulers H7223 hath been chief H4604 in this trespass.
  3 H8085 And when I heard [H8800]   H1697 this thing H7167 , I rent [H8804]   H899 my garment H4598 and my mantle H4803 , and plucked off [H8799]   H8181 the hair H7218 of my head H2206 and of my beard H3427 , and sat down [H8799]   H8074 astonied [H8789]  .
  4 H622 Then were assembled [H8735]   H2730 unto me every one that trembled H1697 at the words H430 of the God H3478 of Israel H4604 , because of the transgression H1473 of those that had been carried away H3427 ; and I sat [H8802]   H8074 astonied [H8789]   H6153 until the evening H4503 sacrifice.
  5 H6153 And at the evening H4503 sacrifice H6965 I arose up [H8804]   H8589 from my heaviness H7167 ; and having rent [H8800]   H899 my garment H4598 and my mantle H3766 , I fell [H8799]   H1290 upon my knees H6566 , and spread out [H8799]   H3709 my hands H3068 unto the LORD H430 my God,
  6 H559 And said [H8799]   H430 , O my God H954 , I am ashamed [H8804]   H3637 and blush [H8738]   H7311 to lift up [H8687]   H6440 my face H430 to thee, my God H5771 : for our iniquities H7235 are increased [H8804]   H4605 over H7218 our head H819 , and our trespass H1431 is grown up [H8804]   H8064 unto the heavens.
  7 H3117 Since the days H1 of our fathers H1419 have we been in a great H819 trespass H3117 unto this day H5771 ; and for our iniquities H4428 have we, our kings H3548 , and our priests H5414 , been delivered [H8738]   H3027 into the hand H4428 of the kings H776 of the lands H2719 , to the sword H7628 , to captivity H961 , and to a spoil H1322 , and to confusion H6440 of face H3117 , as it is this day.
  8 H4592 And now for a little H7281 space H8467 grace H3068 hath been shewed from the LORD H430 our God H7604 , to leave [H8687]   H6413 us a remnant to escape H5414 , and to give [H8800]   H3489 us a nail H6944 in his holy H4725 place H430 , that our God H215 may lighten [H8687]   H5869 our eyes H5414 , and give [H8800]   H4592 us a little H4241 reviving H5659 in our bondage.
  9 H5650 For we were bondmen H430 ; yet our God H5800 hath not forsaken [H8804]   H5659 us in our bondage H5186 , but hath extended [H8686]   H2617 mercy H6440 unto us in the sight H4428 of the kings H6539 of Persia H5414 , to give [H8800]   H4241 us a reviving H7311 , to set up [H8788]   H1004 the house H430 of our God H5975 , and to repair [H8687]   H2723 the desolations H5414 thereof, and to give [H8800]   H1447 us a wall H3063 in Judah H3389 and in Jerusalem.
  10 H430 And now, O our God H559 , what shall we say [H8799]   H310 after H5800 this? for we have forsaken [H8804]   H4687 thy commandments,
  11 H6680 Which thou hast commanded [H8765]   H3027 by H5650 thy servants H5030 the prophets H559 , saying [H8800]   H776 , The land H935 , unto which ye go [H8802]   H3423 to possess [H8800]   H5079 it, is an unclean H776 land H5079 with the filthiness H5971 of the people H776 of the lands H8441 , with their abominations H4390 , which have filled [H8765]   H6310 it from one end H6310 to another H2932 with their uncleanness.
  12 H5414 Now therefore give [H8799]   H1323 not your daughters H1121 unto their sons H5375 , neither take [H8799]   H1323 their daughters H1121 unto your sons H1875 , nor seek [H8799]   H7965 their peace H2896 or their wealth H5704 for H5769 ever H2388 : that ye may be strong [H8799]   H398 , and eat [H8804]   H2898 the good H776 of the land H3423 , and leave it for an inheritance [H8689]   H1121 to your children H5769 for ever.
  13 H310 And after H935 all that is come [H8802]   H7451 upon us for our evil H4639 deeds H1419 , and for our great H819 trespass H430 , seeing that thou our God H2820 hast punished [H8804]   H4295 us less H5771 than our iniquities H5414 deserve, and hast given [H8804]   H6413 us such deliverance as this;
  14 H7725 Should we again [H8799]   H6565 break [H8687]   H4687 thy commandments H2859 , and join in affinity [H8692]   H5971 with the people H8441 of these abominations H599 ? wouldest not thou be angry [H8799]   H3615 with us till thou hadst consumed [H8763]   H7611 us, so that there should be no remnant H6413 nor escaping?
  15 H3068 O LORD H430 God H3478 of Israel H6662 , thou art righteous H7604 : for we remain [H8738]   H6413 yet escaped H3117 , as it is this day H6440 : behold, we are before H819 thee in our trespasses H5975 : for we cannot stand [H8800]   H6440 before thee because of this.