Isaiah 28:15

  15 H559 Because ye have said [H8804]   H3772 , We have made [H8804]   H1285 a covenant H4194 with death H7585 , and with hell H6213 are we [H8804]   H2374 at agreement H7857 ; when the overflowing [H8802]   H7752 scourge [H8675]   H7885   H5674 shall pass through [H8799]   [H8675]   H5674   [H8804]   H935 , it shall not come [H8799]   H7760 unto us: for we have made [H8804]   H3577 lies H4268 our refuge H8267 , and under falsehood H5641 have we hid [H8738]   ourselves: