Nehemiah 9

  1 H6242 Now in the twenty H702 and fourth H3117 day H2320 of this month H1121 the children H3478 of Israel H622 were assembled [H8738]   H6685 with fasting H8242 , and with sackclothes H127 , and earth upon them.
  2 H2233 And the seed H3478 of Israel H914 separated [H8735]   H1121 themselves from all strangers H5236   H5975 , and stood [H8799]   H3034 and confessed [H8691]   H2403 their sins H5771 , and the iniquities H1 of their fathers.
  3 H6965 And they stood up [H8799]   H5977 in their place H7121 , and read [H8799]   H5612 in the book H8451 of the law H3068 of the LORD H430 their God H7243 one fourth part H3117 of the day H7243 ; and another fourth part H3034 they confessed [H8693]   H7812 , and worshipped [H8693]   H3068 the LORD H430 their God.
  4 H6965 Then stood up [H8799]   H4608 upon the stairs H3881 , of the Levites H3442 , Jeshua H1137 , and Bani H6934 , Kadmiel H7645 , Shebaniah H1138 , Bunni H8274 , Sherebiah H1137 , Bani H3662 , and Chenani H2199 , and cried [H8799]   H1419 with a loud H6963 voice H3068 unto the LORD H430 their God.
  5 H3881 Then the Levites H3442 , Jeshua H6934 , and Kadmiel H1137 , Bani H2813 , Hashabniah H8274 , Sherebiah H1941 , Hodijah H7645 , Shebaniah H6611 , and Pethahiah H559 , said [H8799]   H6965 , Stand up [H8798]   H1288 and bless [H8761]   H3068 the LORD H430 your God H5769 for ever H5769 and ever H1288 : and blessed [H8762]   H3519 be thy glorious H8034 name H7311 , which is exalted [H8784]   H1293 above all blessing H8416 and praise.
  6 H3068 Thou, even thou, art LORD H6213 alone; thou hast made [H8804]   H8064 heaven H8064 , the heaven H8064 of heavens H6635 , with all their host H776 , the earth H3220 , and all things that are therein, the seas H2421 , and all that is therein, and thou preservest [H8764]   H6635 them all; and the host H8064 of heaven H7812 worshippeth [H8693]   thee.
  7 H3068 Thou art the LORD H430 the God H977 , who didst choose [H8804]   H87 Abram H3318 , and broughtest him forth [H8689]   H218 out of Ur H3778 of the Chaldees H7760 , and gavest [H8804]   H8034 him the name H85 of Abraham;
  8 H4672 And foundest [H8804]   H3824 his heart H539 faithful [H8737]   H6440 before H3772 thee, and madest [H8800]   H1285 a covenant H5414 with him to give [H8800]   H776 the land H3669 of the Canaanites H2850 , the Hittites H567 , the Amorites H6522 , and the Perizzites H2983 , and the Jebusites H1622 , and the Girgashites H5414 , to give [H8800]   H2233 it, I say, to his seed H6965 , and hast performed [H8686]   H1697 thy words H6662 ; for thou art righteous:
  9 H7200 And didst see [H8799]   H6040 the affliction H1 of our fathers H4714 in Egypt H8085 , and heardest [H8804]   H2201 their cry H5488 by the Red H3220 sea;
  10 H5414 And shewedst [H8799]   H226 signs H4159 and wonders H6547 upon Pharaoh H5650 , and on all his servants H5971 , and on all the people H776 of his land H3045 : for thou knewest [H8804]   H2102 that they dealt proudly [H8689]   H6213 against them. So didst thou get [H8799]   H8034 thee a name H3117 , as it is this day.
  11 H1234 And thou didst divide [H8804]   H3220 the sea H6440 before H5674 them, so that they went through [H8799]   H8432 the midst H3220 of the sea H3004 on the dry land H7291 ; and their persecutors [H8802]   H7993 thou threwest [H8689]   H4688 into the deeps H68 , as a stone H5794 into the mighty H4325 waters.
  12 H5148 Moreover thou leddest [H8689]   H3119 them in the day H6051 by a cloudy H5982 pillar H3915 ; and in the night H5982 by a pillar H784 of fire H215 , to give them light [H8687]   H1870 in the way H3212 wherein they should go [H8799]  .
  13 H3381 Thou camest down [H8804]   H2022 also upon mount H5514 Sinai H1696 , and spakest [H8763]   H8064 with them from heaven H5414 , and gavest [H8799]   H3477 them right H4941 judgments H571 , and true H8451 laws H2896 , good H2706 statutes H4687 and commandments:
  14 H3045 And madest known [H8689]   H6944 unto them thy holy H7676 sabbath H6680 , and commandedst [H8765]   H4687 them precepts H2706 , statutes H8451 , and laws H3027 , by the hand H4872 of Moses H5650 thy servant:
  15 H5414 And gavest [H8804]   H3899 them bread H8064 from heaven H7458 for their hunger H3318 , and broughtest forth [H8689]   H4325 water H5553 for them out of the rock H6772 for their thirst H559 , and promisedst [H8799]   H935 them that they should go in [H8800]   H3423 to possess [H8800]   H776 the land H3027 which thou hadst sworn H5375   [H8804]   H5414 to give [H8800]   them.
  16 H1 But they and our fathers H2102 dealt proudly [H8689]   H7185 , and hardened [H8686]   H6203 their necks H8085 , and hearkened [H8804]   H4687 not to thy commandments,
  17 H3985 And refused [H8762]   H8085 to obey [H8800]   H2142 , neither were mindful [H8804]   H6381 of thy wonders [H8737]   H6213 that thou didst [H8804]   H7185 among them; but hardened [H8686]   H6203 their necks H4805 , and in their rebellion H5414 appointed [H8799]   H7218 a captain H7725 to return [H8800]   H5659 to their bondage H433 : but thou art a God H5547 ready to pardon H2587 , gracious H7349 and merciful H750 , slow H639 to anger H7227 , and of great H2617 kindness H5800 , and forsookest [H8804]   them not.
  18 H6213 Yea, when they had made [H8804]   H4541 them a molten H5695 calf H559 , and said [H8799]   H430 , This is thy God H5927 that brought thee up [H8689]   H4714 out of Egypt H6213 , and had wrought [H8799]   H1419 great H5007 provocations;
  19 H7227 Yet thou in thy manifold H7356 mercies H5800 forsookest [H8804]   H4057 them not in the wilderness H5982 : the pillar H6051 of the cloud H5493 departed [H8804]   H3119 not from them by day H5148 , to lead [H8687]   H1870 them in the way H5982 ; neither the pillar H784 of fire H3915 by night H215 , to shew them light [H8687]   H1870 , and the way H3212 wherein they should go [H8799]  .
  20 H5414 Thou gavest [H8804]   H2896 also thy good H7307 spirit H7919 to instruct [H8687]   H4513 them, and withheldest [H8804]   H4478 not thy manna H6310 from their mouth H5414 , and gavest [H8804]   H4325 them water H6772 for their thirst.
  21 H705 Yea, forty H8141 years H3557 didst thou sustain [H8773]   H4057 them in the wilderness H2637 , so that they lacked [H8804]   H8008 nothing; their clothes H1086 waxed not old [H8804]   H7272 , and their feet H1216 swelled [H8804]   not.
  22 H5414 Moreover thou gavest [H8799]   H4467 them kingdoms H5971 and nations H2505 , and didst divide [H8799]   H6285 them into corners H3423 : so they possessed [H8799]   H776 the land H5511 of Sihon H776 , and the land H4428 of the king H2809 of Heshbon H776 , and the land H5747 of Og H4428 king H1316 of Bashan.
  23 H1121 Their children H7235 also multipliedst [H8689]   H3556 thou as the stars H8064 of heaven H935 , and broughtest [H8686]   H776 them into the land H559 , concerning which thou hadst promised [H8804]   H1 to their fathers H935 , that they should go in [H8800]   H3423 to possess [H8800]   it .
  24 H1121 So the children H935 went in [H8799]   H3423 and possessed [H8799]   H776 the land H3665 , and thou subduedst [H8686]   H6440 before H3427 them the inhabitants [H8802]   H776 of the land H3669 , the Canaanites H5414 , and gavest [H8799]   H3027 them into their hands H4428 , with their kings H5971 , and the people H776 of the land H6213 , that they might do [H8800]   H7522 with them as they would.
  25 H3920 And they took [H8799]   H1219 strong [H8803]   H5892 cities H8082 , and a fat H127 land H3423 , and possessed [H8799]   H1004 houses H4392 full H2898 of all goods H953 , wells H2672 digged [H8803]   H3754 , vineyards H2132 , and oliveyards H3978 , and fruit H6086 trees H7230 in abundance H398 : so they did eat [H8799]   H7646 , and were filled [H8799]   H8080 , and became fat [H8686]   H5727 , and delighted [H8691]   H1419 themselves in thy great H2898 goodness.
  26 H4784 Nevertheless they were disobedient [H8686]   H4775 , and rebelled [H8799]   H7993 against thee, and cast [H8686]   H8451 thy law H310 behind H1458 their backs H2026 , and slew [H8804]   H5030 thy prophets H5749 which testified [H8689]   H7725 against them to turn [H8687]   H6213 them to thee, and they wrought [H8799]   H1419 great H5007 provocations.
  27 H5414 Therefore thou deliveredst [H8799]   H3027 them into the hand H6862 of their enemies H6887 , who vexed [H8686]   H6256 them: and in the time H6869 of their trouble H6817 , when they cried [H8799]   H8085 unto thee, thou heardest [H8799]   H8064 them from heaven H7227 ; and according to thy manifold H7356 mercies H5414 thou gavest [H8799]   H3467 them saviours [H8688]   H3467 , who saved [H8686]   H3027 them out of the hand H6862 of their enemies.
  28 H5117 But after they had rest [H8800]   H6213 , they did [H8800]   H7451 evil H7725 again [H8799]   H6440 before H5800 thee: therefore leftest [H8799]   H3027 thou them in the hand H341 of their enemies [H8802]   H7287 , so that they had the dominion [H8799]   H7725 over them: yet when they returned [H8799]   H2199 , and cried [H8799]   H8085 unto thee, thou heardest [H8799]   H8064 them from heaven H7227 ; and many H6256 times H5337 didst thou deliver [H8686]   H7356 them according to thy mercies;
  29 H5749 And testifiedst [H8686]   H7725 against them, that thou mightest bring them again [H8687]   H8451 unto thy law H2102 : yet they dealt proudly [H8689]   H8085 , and hearkened [H8804]   H4687 not unto thy commandments H2398 , but sinned [H8804]   H4941 against thy judgments H120 , (which if a man H6213 do [H8799]   H2421 , he shall live [H8804]   H5414 in them;) and withdrew [H8799]   H5637   [H8802]   H3802 the shoulder H7185 , and hardened [H8689]   H6203 their neck H8085 , and would not hear [H8804]  .
  30 H7227 Yet many H8141 years H4900 didst thou forbear [H8799]   H5749 them, and testifiedst [H8686]   H7307 against them by thy spirit H3027 in H5030 thy prophets H238 : yet would they not give ear [H8689]   H5414 : therefore gavest [H8799]   H3027 thou them into the hand H5971 of the people H776 of the lands.
  31 H7227 Nevertheless for thy great H7356 mercies H6213 ' sake thou didst [H8804]   H3617 not utterly consume H5800 them, nor forsake [H8804]   H2587 them; for thou art a gracious H7349 and merciful H410 God.
  32 H430 Now therefore, our God H1419 , the great H1368 , the mighty H3372 , and the terrible [H8737]   H410 God H8104 , who keepest [H8802]   H1285 covenant H2617 and mercy H8513 , let not all the trouble H4591 seem little [H8799]   H6440 before H4672 thee, that hath come [H8804]   H4428 upon us, on our kings H8269 , on our princes H3548 , and on our priests H5030 , and on our prophets H1 , and on our fathers H5971 , and on all thy people H3117 , since the time H4428 of the kings H804 of Assyria H3117 unto this day.
  33 H6662 Howbeit thou art just H935 in all that is brought [H8802]   H6213 upon us; for thou hast done [H8804]   H571 right H7561 , but we have done wickedly [H8689]  :
  34 H4428 Neither have our kings H8269 , our princes H3548 , our priests H1 , nor our fathers H6213 , kept [H8804]   H8451 thy law H7181 , nor hearkened [H8689]   H4687 unto thy commandments H5715 and thy testimonies H5749 , wherewith thou didst testify [H8689]   against them.
  35 H5647 For they have not served [H8804]   H4438 thee in their kingdom H7227 , and in thy great H2898 goodness H5414 that thou gavest [H8804]   H7342 them, and in the large H8082 and fat H776 land H5414 which thou gavest [H8804]   H6440 before H7725 them, neither turned [H8804]   H7451 they from their wicked H4611 works.
  36 H5650 Behold, we are servants H3117 this day H776 , and for the land H5414 that thou gavest [H8804]   H1 unto our fathers H398 to eat [H8800]   H6529 the fruit H2898 thereof and the good H5650 thereof, behold, we are servants in it:
  37 H7235 And it yieldeth much [H8688]   H8393 increase H4428 unto the kings H5414 whom thou hast set [H8804]   H2403 over us because of our sins H4910 : also they have dominion [H8802]   H1472 over our bodies H929 , and over our cattle H7522 , at their pleasure H1419 , and we are in great H6869 distress.
  38 H3772 And because of all this we make [H8802]   H548 a sure H3789 covenant, and write [H8802]   H8269 it; and our princes H3881 , Levites H3548 , and priests H2856 , seal [H8803]   unto it .