1 Chronicles 27:26-31

LXX2012(i) 26 And over the husbandmen who tilled the ground [was] Esdri the son of Chelub. 27 And over the fields [was] Semei of Rael; and over the treasures of wine in the fields [was] Zabdi the son of Sephni. 28 And over the olive yards, and over the sycamores in the plain country [was] Ballanan the Gedorite; and over the stores of oil [was] Joas. 29 And over the oxen pasturing in Saron [was] Satrai the Saronite; and over the oxen in the valleys [was] Sophat the son of Adli. 30 And over the camels [was] Abias the Ismaelite; and over the asses [was] Jadias of Merathon. 31 And over the sheep [was] Jaziz the Agarite. All these [were] superintendents of the substance of king David.