Ecclesiastes 6

Matthew(i) 1 Hhere is yet a plage vnder the Sunne, and it is a general thing among men: 2 when God geueth a man rytches, goodes and honoure, so that he wanteth nothynge of all that hys herte can desyre: and yet God geueth hym not leaue to enioye the same, but another man spendeth them. Thys is a vayne thynge and a myserable plage. 3 If a man begette an hundred chyldren, and lyue manye yeares, so that his dayes are many in number, and yet cannot enioy his good neyther be buried: as for him I saye, that an vntymely byrth is better then he. 4 For he commeth to naughte, and goeth hys waye into darckenes, and his name is forgotten. 5 More ouer, he seith not the Sunne, and knoweth of no rest neyther here ner there: 6 Yea thoughe he lyued two thousande yeares, yet hath he no good lyfe. Come not all to one place? 7 All the laboure that a man taketh, is for him selfe, and yet hys desyre is neuer fylled after hys mynde. 8 For what hath the wyse moore then the foole. What helpeth it the poore, that he knoweth to walcke before the lyuynge? 9 The syght of the eyes is better, then that the soule shoulde so departe awaye. How be it thys is also a vayne thynge and a dysquyetnesse of mynde. 10 What is more excellente then man? yet can he not in the lawe get the vyctorye of him that is myghtyer then he: 11 A vaine thing is it to cast out many wordes, but what hath a man els? 12 For who knowth what is good for man lyuynge, in the dayes of hys vayne life, whych is but a shadowe? Or, who wyll tell a man, what shall happen after him vnder the Sunne.