Isaiah 43

Matthew(i) 1 But now, the Lorde that made the O Iacob, & he that fashyoned the O Israel, sayeth thus: Feare not, for I wyll defende the. I haue called the by name thou art myne owne. 2 When thou wentest in the water, I was by the, that the stronge floudes shuld not pluck the awaye. When thou walkest in the fyre, it shall not burne the, and the flame shall not kindle vpon the. 3 For I am the Lorde thy God, the holy one of Israel, thy Sauyour. I gaue Egypte for thy delyueraunce, the Moryans, and the Sabees for the: 4 because thou wast deare in my sight, and because I set by the, and loued the. I pylled all men for the, & delyuered vp al people for thy sake, 5 that thou shuldest not feare, for I was wyth the. I wyll brynge thy sede from the East, and gather the together from the West. 6 I wyll saye to the North, let go. And to the South, kepe not backe: but bringe me my sonnes from farre, and my daughters from the endes of the worlde: 7 Namelye, all those that be called after my name: For them haue I created, fasshyoned, and made for myne honoure. 8 Brynge forth that people, whether they haue eyes or be blynde, deafe or haue eares. 9 All nacyons shall come in one, and be gathered in one people. But whiche amonge yonder goddes shall declare suche thynges, & tell vs what is to come? Let them bringe theyr wytnesses, so shall they be fre: for then men shall heare it, & saye, it is trueth. 10 But I bring you wytnesses (sayth the Lorde) euen those that are my seruauntes, whom I haue chosen: to the intent that ye myght be certyfyed and geue me faythfull credence: yee & to consydre, that I am he, before whom there was neuer any God, and that there shalbe none after me. 11 I am only the Lorde, and wythout me is there no Sauyour. 12 I geue warnynge, I make whole, I teach you that there shulde be no straunge God amonge you. And thys recorde must ye beare me your selues (sayth the Lorde) that I am God. 13 And euen he am I from the begynnynge, & there is none that can take any thynge out of my hande. And what I do, can no man chaunge. 14 Thus sayeth the Lorde the holy one of Israel youre redemer: For youre sake I wyll sende to Babylon, & brynge all the strongest of them from thence: Namely, the Chaldees that boost them of their shyppes: 15 Euen I the Lorde youre holy one whiche haue made Israel, and am youre Kynge. 16 Moreouer, thus sayeth the Lorde, euen he that maketh a waye in the sea, and a footpath in the myghtye waters: 17 which bryngeth forth the charettes and horses, the hoste & the power, that they maye fall a slepe & neuer ryse, and be extincte, lyke as towe is quenched. 18 Ye remembre not thynges of olde, and regarde nothinge that is past 19 Therfore beholde, I shall make a new thynge, & shortly shall it appeare: ye shall well knowe it, I told it you afore, but I wil tel it you agayne. I wyll make stretes in the deserte, & ryuers of water in the wylderne 20 The wylde beastes shall worshyppe me: the dragon, and the Estryche. For I shall geue water in the wyldernesse, and streames in the deserte: that I may geue dryncke to my people, whom I chose. 21 This people haue I made for my self, & they shall shewe forth my prayse. 22 For thou (Iacob) woldest not call vpon me, but thou haddest an vnlust towarde me, O Israel. 23 Thou gauest me not thy younge beastes for burntoffrynges, nether dydest honoure me with thy sacryfices. Thou boughtest me no deare spice wyth thy money, nether pouredest the fatt of thy sacrifices vpon me. Howbeit I haue not bene chargeable vnto the in offringes, nether greuous in incense. 24 But thou hast laden me wyth thy synnes, and weeried me wyth thyne vngodlynes. 25 Where as I yet am euen he onlye, that for myne owne selfes sake do awaye thyne offences, & forget thy synnes: so that I wyll neuer thyncke vpon them. 26 Put me now in remembraunce (for we wyll reason together) & shew what thou hast for the, to make the quyte. 27 Thy fyrst father offended sore, & thy rulers haue synned agaynst me. 28 Therfore I ether suspended, or slue the chefest Prynces: I dyd curse Iacob, and gaue Israel into reprofe.