Matthew 16:23

  23 G3588 T-NSM ο G1161 CONJ δε G4762 (G5651) V-2APP-NSM στραφεις G2036 (G5627) V-2AAI-3S ειπεν G3588 T-DSM τω G4074 N-DSM πετρω G5217 (G5720) V-PAM-2S υπαγε G3694 ADV οπισω G3450 P-1GS μου G4567 N-VSM σατανα G4625 N-ASN σκανδαλον G3450 P-1GS μου G1510 (G5748) V-PXI-2S ει G3754 CONJ οτι G3756 PRT-N ου G5426 (G5719) V-PAI-2S φρονεις G3588 T-APN τα G3588 T-GSM του G2316 N-GSM θεου G235 CONJ αλλα G3588 T-APN τα G3588 T-GPM των G444 N-GPM ανθρωπων
ERV(i) 23 But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art a stumbling-block unto me: for thou mindest not the things of God, but the things of men.