Daniel 4:23

  23 H4430 Whereas the king H2370 saw H5894 a watcher H6922 and a holy one H5182 coming down H4481 from H8065 the sky, H560 and saying, H1414 Cut H1414 down H363 the tree, H2255 and destroy H1297 it; nevertheless H7662 leave H6136 the stump H8330 of its roots H772 in the earth, H613 even with a band H6523 of iron H5174 and brass, H1883 in the tender grass H1251 of the field, H6647 and let it be wet H2920 with the dew H8065 of the sky: H2508 and let his portion H5974 be with H2423 the animals H1251 of the field, H5705 until H7655 seven H5732 times H2499 pass H5922 over him;