Ecclesiastes 6

  1 H3426 There is H7451 an evil H7200 which I have seen H8121 under the sun, H7227 and it is heavy H120 on men:
  2 H376 a man H430 to whom God H5414 gives H6239 riches, H6239 wealth, H3519 and honor, H2638 so that he lacks H5315 nothing for his soul H183 of all that he desires, H430 yet God H7980 gives him no power H398 to eat H376 of it, but an alien H398 eats H1892 it. This is vanity, H7451 and it is an evil H2483 disease.
  3 H376 If a man H3205 fathers H3967 a hundred H2421 children, and lives H7227 many H8141 years, H3117 so that the days H8141 of his years H7227 are many, H5315 but his soul H7646 is not filled H2896 with good, H6900 and moreover he has no burial; H559 I say, H5309 that a stillborn H2896 child is better than he:
  4 H935 for it comes H1892 in vanity, H3212 and departs H2822 in darkness, H8034 and its name H3680 is covered H2822 with darkness.
  5 H7200 Moreover it has not seen H8121 the sun H3045 nor known H2088 it. This H5183 has rest H2088 rather than the other.
  6 H432 Yes, though H2421 he live H505 a thousand H8141 years H6471 twice H7200 told, and yet fails to enjoy H2896 good, H1980 don't all go H259 to one H4725 place?
  7 H5999 All the labor H120 of man H6310 is for his mouth, H5315 and yet the appetite H4390 is not filled.
  8 H2450 For what advantage has the wise H3148 more H3684 than the fool? H6041 What has the poor H3045 man, that knows H1980 how to walk H2416 before the living?
  9 H2896 Better H4758 is the sight H5869 of the eyes H1980 than the wandering H5315 of the desire. H1892 This also is vanity H7469 and a chasing H7307 after wind.
  10 H7121 Whatever has been, its name H3528 was given long ago; H3045 and it is known H120 what man H3201 is; neither can H1777 he contend H8623 with him who is mightier than he.
  11 H3426 For there are H7235 many H1697 words H7235 that create H1892 vanity. H3148 What does that profit H120 man?
  12 H3045 For who knows H2896 what is good H120 for man H2416 in life, H4557 all H3117 the days H1892 of his vain H2416 life H6213 which he spends H6738 like a shadow? H5046 For who can tell H120 a man H310 what will be after H8121 him under the sun?