1 H2377 The vision H3470 of Isaiah H1121 the son H531 of Amoz, H2372 which he saw H3063 concerning Judah H3389 and Jerusalem, H3117 in the days H5818 of Uzziah, H3147 Jotham, H271 Ahaz, H3169 and Hezekiah, H4428 kings H3063 of Judah.
  2 H8085 Hear, H8064 heavens, H238 and listen, H776 earth; H3068 for Yahweh H1696 has spoken: H1431 "I have nourished H7311 and brought up H1121 children, H6586 and they have rebelled against me.
  3 H7794 The ox H3045 knows H7069 his owner, H2543 and the donkey H1167 his master's H18 crib; H3478 but Israel H3045 doesn't know, H5971 my people H995 don't consider."
  4 H1945 Ah H2398 sinful H1471 nation, H5971 a people H3515 loaded H5771 with iniquity, H2233 a seed H7489 of evildoers, H2233 children H7843 who deal corruptly! H5800 They have forsaken H3068 Yahweh. H5006 They have despised H6918 the Holy One H3478 of Israel. H2114 They are estranged H268 and backward.
  5 H5221 Why should you be beaten H5627 more, that you revolt H3254 more and more? H7218 The whole head H2483 is sick, H3824 and the whole heart H1742 faint.
  6 H3709 From the sole H7272 of the foot H7218 even to the head H4974 there is no soundness H6482 in it: wounds, H2250 welts, H2961 and open H4347 sores. H2115 They haven't been closed, H2280 neither bandaged, H7401 neither soothed H8081 with oil.
  7 H776 Your country H8077 is desolate. H5892 Your cities H8313 are burned H784 with fire. H2114 Strangers H398 devour H127 your land H8077 in your presence, and it is desolate, H4114 as overthrown H2114 by strangers.
  8 H1323 The daughter H6726 of Zion H3498 is left H5521 like a shelter H3754 in a vineyard, H4412 like a hut H4750 in a field of melons, H5341 like a besieged H5892 city.
  9 H3884 Unless H3068 Yahweh H6635 of Armies H3498 had left H4592 to us a very small H8300 remnant, H1961 we would have been H5467 as Sodom; H1819 we would have been like H6017 Gomorrah.
  10 H8085 Hear H1697 the word H3068 of Yahweh, H7101 you rulers H5467 of Sodom! H238 Listen H8451 to the law H430 of our God, H5971 you people H6017 of Gomorrah!
  11 H4100 "What H7230 are the multitude H2077 of your sacrifices H559 to me?," says H3068 Yahweh. H7646 "I have had enough H5930 of the burnt offerings H352 of rams, H2459 and the fat H4806 of fed animals. H2654 I don't delight H1818 in the blood H6499 of bulls, H3532 or of lambs, H6260 or of male goats.
  12 H935 When you come H7200 to appear H6440 before H1245 me, who has required H3027 this at your hand, H7429 to trample H2691 my courts?
  13 H935 Bring H3254 no more H7723 vain H4503 offerings. H7004 Incense H8441 is an abomination H2320 to me; new moons, H7676 Sabbaths, H4744 and convocations: H3201 I can't bear H3201 with H205 evil H4744 assemblies.
  14 H5315 My soul H8130 hates H2320 your New Moons H4150 and your appointed feasts. H2960 They are a burden H3811 to me. I am weary H5375 of bearing them.
  15 H6566 When you spread forth H3709 your hands, H5956 I will hide H5869 my eyes H7235 from you. Yes, when you make many H8605 prayers, H8085 I will not hear. H3027 Your hands H4390 are full H1818 of blood.
  16 H7364 Wash H2135 yourselves, make yourself clean. H5493 Put away H7455 the evil H4611 of your doings H5048 from before H5869 my eyes. H2308 Cease H7489 to do evil.
  17 H3925 Learn H3190 to do well. H1875 Seek H4941 justice. H833 Relieve H2541 the oppressed. H8199 Judge H3490 the fatherless. H7378 Plead H490 for the widow."
  18 H3212 "Come now, H3198 and let us reason together," H559 says H3068 Yahweh: H2399 "Though your sins H8144 be as scarlet, H3835 they shall be as white H7950 as snow. H119 Though they be red H8438 like crimson, H6785 they shall be as wool.
  19 H14 If you are willing H8085 and obedient, H398 you shall eat H2898 the good H776 of the land;
  20 H3985 but if you refuse H4784 and rebel, H398 you shall be devoured H2719 with the sword; H6310 for the mouth H3068 of Yahweh H1696 has spoken it."
  21 H539 How the faithful H7151 city H2181 has become a prostitute! H4392 She was full H4941 of justice; H6664 righteousness H3885 lodged H7523 in her, but now murderers.
  22 H3701 Your silver H5509 has become dross, H5435 your wine H4107 mixed H4325 with water.
  23 H8269 Your princes H5637 are rebellious, H2270 and companions H1590 of thieves. H157 Everyone loves H7810 bribes, H7291 and follows H8021 after rewards. H8199 They don't judge H3490 the fatherless, H7379 neither does the cause H490 of the widow H935 come to them.
  24 H113 Therefore the Lord, H113 Yahweh H6635 of Armies, H46 the Mighty One H3478 of Israel, H5002 says: H1945 "Ah, H5162 I will get relief H6862 from my adversaries, H5358 and avenge H341 myself of my enemies;
  25 H7725 and I will turn H3027 my hand H1253 on you, thoroughly H6884 purge away H5509 your dross, H5493 and will take away H913 all your tin.
  26 H7725 I will restore H8199 your judges H7223 as at the first, H3289 and your counselors H8462 as at the beginning. H310 Afterward H7121 you shall be called H5892 ‘The city H6664 of righteousness, H539 a faithful H7151 town.'
  27 H6726 Zion H6299 shall be redeemed H4941 with justice, H7725 and her converts H6666 with righteousness.
  28 H7667 But the destruction H6586 of transgressors H2400 and sinners H3162 shall be together, H5800 and those who forsake H3068 Yahweh H3615 shall be consumed.
  29 H954 For they shall be ashamed H352 of the oaks H2530 which you have desired, H2659 and you shall be confounded H1593 for the gardens H977 that you have chosen.
  30 H424 For you shall be as an oak H5929 whose leaf H5034 fades, H1593 and as a garden H4325 that has no water.
  31 H2634 The strong H5296 will be like tinder, H6467 and his work H5213 like a spark. H8147 They will both H1197 burn H3162 together, H3518 and no one will quench them."