2 Chronicles

Wycliffe(i) 1 Therfor Salomon, the sone of Dauid, was coumfortid in his rewme, and the Lord was with hym, and magnefiede hym an hiy. 2 And Salomon comaundide to al Israel, to tribunes, and centuriouns, and to duykis, and domesmen of al Israel, and to the princes of meynees; 3 and he yede with al the multitude in to the hiy place of Gabaon, where the tabernacle of boond of pees of the Lord was, which tabernacle Moyses, the seruaunt of the Lord, made in wildirnesse. 4 Forsothe Dauid hadde brouyt the arke of God fro Cariathiarym in to the place which he hadde maad redy to it, and where he hadde set a tabernacle to it, that is, in to Jerusalem. 5 And the brasun auter, which Beseleel, the sone of Vri, sone of Vr, hadde maad, was there bifor the tabernacle of the Lord; whiche also Salomon and al the chirche souyte. 6 And Salomon stiede to the brasun autir, bifor the tabernacle of boond of pees of the Lord, and offride in it a thousynde sacrifices. 7 Lo! `forsothe in that nyyt God apperide to hym, `and seide, Axe that that thou wolt, that Y yyue to thee. 8 And Salomon seide to God, Thou hast do greet mersi with Dauid, my fadir, and hast ordeyned me kyng for hym. 9 Now therfor, Lord God, thi word be fillid, which thou bihiytist to Dauid, my fadir; for thou hast maad me kyng on thi greet puple, which is so vnnoumbrable as the dust of erthe. 10 Yiue thou to me wisdom and vndurstondyng, that Y go in and go out bifor thi puple; for who may deme worthili this thi puple, which is so greet? 11 Sotheli God seide to Salomon, For this thing pleside more thin herte, and thou axidist not richessis, and catel, and glorie, nether the lyues of them that hatiden thee, but nether ful many daies of lijf; but thou axidist wisdom and kunnyng, that thou maist deme my puple, on which Y ordeynede thee kyng, 12 wisdom and kunnyng ben youun to thee; forsothe Y schal yyue to thee richessis, and catel, and glorie, so that noon among kyngis, nether bifor thee nethir aftir thee, be lijk thee. 13 Therfor Salomon cam fro the hiy place of Gabaon in to Jerusalem, bifor the tabernacle of boond of pees, and he regnede on Israel. 14 And he gaderide to hym chaaris and knyytis, and a thousynde and foure hundrid charis weren maad to hym, and twelue thousynde of knyytis; and he made hem to be in the citees of cartis, and with the kyng in Jerusalem. 15 And the kyng yaf in Jerusalem gold and siluer as stoonys, and cedris as sicomoris, that comen forth in feeldi places in greet multitude. 16 Forsothe horsis weren brouyt to hym fro Egipt, and fro Choa, bi the marchauntis of the kyng, whiche yeden, and bouyten bi prijs, 17 `a foure `horsid carte for sixe hundrid platis of siluer, and an hors for an hundrid and fifti. In lijk maner biyng was maad of alle the rewmes of citees, and of the kingis of Sirie.