Psalms 103

Wycliffe(i) 1 The hundrid and thridde salm. Mi soule, blesse thou the Lord; my Lord God, thou art magnyfied greetli. Thou hast clothid knouleching and fairnesse; and thou art clothid with liyt, 2 as with a cloth. And thou stretchist forth heuene as a skyn; 3 and thou hilist with watris the hiyer partis therof. Which settist a cloude thi stiyng; which goest on the fetheris of wyndis. 4 Which makist spiritis thin aungels; and thi mynystris brennynge fier. 5 Which hast foundid the erthe on his stablenesse; it schal not be bowid in to the world of world. 6 The depthe of watris as a cloth is the clothing therof; watris schulen stonde on hillis. 7 Tho schulen fle fro thi blamyng; men schulen be aferd of the vois of thi thundur. 8 Hillis stien vp, and feeldis goen doun; in to the place which thou hast foundid to tho. 9 Thou hast set a terme, which tho schulen not passe; nether tho schulen be turned, for to hile the erthe. 10 And thou sendist out wellis in grete valeis; watris schulen passe bitwix the myddil of hillis. 11 Alle the beestis of the feeld schulen drynke; wielde assis schulen abide in her thirst. 12 Briddis of the eir schulen dwelle on tho; fro the myddis of stoonys thei schulen yyue voices. 13 And thou moistist hillis of her hiyer thingis; the erthe schal be fillid of the fruyt of thi werkis. 14 And thou bringist forth hei to beestis; and eerbe to the seruyce of men. That thou bringe forth breed of the erthe; 15 and that wiyn make glad the herte of men. That he make glad the face with oile; and that breed make stidefast the herte of man. 16 The trees of the feeld schulen be fillid, and the cedris of the Liban, whiche he plauntide; 17 sparewis schulen make nest there. The hous of the gerfaukun is the leeder of tho; 18 hiye hillis ben refute to hertis; a stoon is refutt to irchouns. 19 He made the moone in to tymes; the sunne knewe his goyng doun. 20 Thou hast set derknessis, and nyyt is maad; alle beestis of the wode schulen go ther ynne. 21 Liouns whelpis rorynge for to rauysche; and to seke of God meete to hem silf. 22 The sunne is risun, and tho ben gaderid togidere; and tho schulen be set in her couchis. 23 A man schal go out to his werk; and to his worching, til to the euentid. 24 Lord, thi werkis ben magnefiede ful myche, thou hast maad alle thingis in wisdom; the erthe is fillid with thi possessioun. 25 This see is greet and large to hondis; there ben crepinge beestis, of which is noon noumbre. Litil beestis with grete; 26 schippis schulen passe there. This dragoun which thou hast formyd; for to scorne hym. 27 Alle thingis abiden of thee; that thou yyue to hem meete in tyme. 28 Whanne thou schalt yyue to hem, thei schulen gadere; whanne thou schalt opene thin hond, alle thingis schulen be fillid with goodnesse. 29 But whanne thou schalt turne awey the face, thei schulen be disturblid; thou schalt take awei the spirit of them, and thei schulen faile; and thei schulen turne ayen in to her dust. 30 Sende out thi spirit, and thei schulen be formed of the newe; and thou schalt renule the face of the erthe. 31 The glorie of the Lord be in to the world; the Lord schal be glad in hise werkis. 32 Which biholdith the erthe, and makith it to tremble; which touchith hillis, and tho smoken. 33 I schal singe to the Lord in my lijf; Y schal seie salm to my God, as longe as Y am. 34 Mi speche be myrie to him; forsothe Y schal delite in the Lord. 35 Synneris faile fro the erthe, and wickid men faile, so that thei be not; my soule, blesse thou the Lord.