Fleshly, fleshy, sensual - Berry's New Testament Synonyms

Fleshly, fleshy, sensual

σαρκικός, σάρκινος, ψυχικός.

σαρκικός means fleshly, that which is controlled by the wrong desires which rule in the flesh, flesh often being understood in its broad sense, see σάρξ. It describes a man who gives the flesh the dominion in his life, a place which does not belong to it by right. It means distinctly opposed to the Spirit of God, anti-spiritual. σάρκινος properly means fleshy, made of flesh, flesh being the material of which it is composed. When given a bad meaning, however, it is plainly similar to σαρκικός, but according to Trench not so strong, denoting one as unspiritual, undeveloped, rather than anti-spiritual. Others, as Cremer and Thayer, with more probability make σάρκινος the stronger, it describes one who is flesh, wholly given up to the flesh, rooted in the flesh, rather than one who simply acts according to the flesh (σαρκικός). There is much confusion between the two in the N.T. manuscripts. ψυχικός has a meaning somewhat similar to σαρκικός. Both are used in contrast with πνευματικός. But ψυχικός has really a distinct meaning, describing the life which is controlled by the ψυχή. It denotes, therefore, that which belongs to the animal life, or that which is controlled simply by the appetites and passions of the sensuous nature.