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1 Samuel 20:30 of the perverse H5753 H8737
2 Samuel 7:14 If he shall commit crookedness, H5753 H8687
2 Samuel 19:19 did perversely H5753 H8689
2 Samuel 24:17 and I have done perversely: H5753 H8689
1 Kings 8:47 and have done perversely, H5753 H8689
2 Chronicles 6:37 we have done crookedly, H5753 H8689
Esther 1:16 hath not done perversity H5753 H8804
Job 33:27 and perverted H5753 H8689
Psalms 38:6 I am bent; H5753 H8738
Psalms 106:6 we have committed crookedness, H5753 H8689
Proverbs 12:8 but he that is of a perverse H5753 H8737
Isaiah 21:3 I was bent H5753 H8738
Isaiah 24:1 and turneth H5753 H8765
Jeremiah 3:21 for they have perverted H5753 H8689
Jeremiah 9:5 themselves to commit crookedness. H5753 H8687
Lamentations 3:9 crooked. H5753 H8765
Daniel 9:5 and have committed crookedness, H5753 H8804

Distinct usage

1 of the perverse
1 and perverted
1 crooked.
1 themselves to commit crookedness.
1 we have committed crookedness,
1 and turneth
1 If he shall commit crookedness,
1 for they have perverted
1 and have done perversely,
1 and have committed crookedness,
1 but he that is of a perverse
1 I am bent;
1 we have done crookedly,
1 I was bent
1 and I have done perversely:
1 hath not done perversity
1 did perversely