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2 Samuel 2:18 was as light H7031
Job 24:18 He is swift H7031
Ecclesiastes 9:11 is not to the swift, H7031
Isaiah 5:26 swiftly: H7031
Isaiah 18:2 ye swift H7031
Isaiah 19:1 upon a swift H7031
Isaiah 30:16 upon the swift; H7031
Jeremiah 2:23 thou art a swift H7031
Jeremiah 46:6 Let not the swift H7031
Lamentations 4:19 are swifter H7031
Joel 3:4 me, swiftly H7031
Amos 2:14 from the swift, H7031
Amos 2:15 and he that is swift H7031

Distinct usage

1 was as light
1 He is swift
1 is not to the swift,
1 swiftly:
1 ye swift
1 upon the swift;
1 thou art a swift
1 Let not the swift
1 are swifter
1 me, swiftly
1 and he that is swift
1 from the swift,
1 upon a swift