Jeremiah 6:28 Cross References - AKJV_Strongs

  28 H3605 They are all H5493 grievous H5637 rebels, H1980 walking H7400 with slanders: H5178 they are brass H1270 and iron; H3605 they are all H7843 corrupters.

Psalms 50:20

  20 H3427 You sit H1696 and speak H251 against your brother; H5414 you slander H1848 H517 your own mother’s H1121 son.

Isaiah 1:4-5

  4 H1945 Ah H2398 sinful H1471 nation, H5971 a people H3515 laden H5771 with iniquity, H2233 a seed H7489 of evildoers, H1121 children H7843 that are corrupters: H5800 they have forsaken H3068 the LORD, H5006 they have provoked H6918 the Holy H3478 One of Israel H5006 to anger, H2114 they are gone H268 away backward.
  5 H5921 Why H4100 H5221 should you be stricken H5750 any more? H5627 you will revolt H3605 more and more: the whole H7218 head H2483 is sick, H3605 and the whole H3824 heart H1742 faint.

Isaiah 31:6

  6 H7725 Turn H834 you to him from whom H1121 the children H3478 of Israel H6009 have deeply H5627 revolted.

Jeremiah 5:23

  23 H2088 But this H5971 people H5637 has a revolting H4784 and a rebellious H3820 heart; H5493 they are revolted H3212 and gone.

Jeremiah 6:30

  30 H3988 Reprobate H3701 silver H7121 shall men call H3588 them, because H3068 the LORD H3988 has rejected them.

Jeremiah 9:4

  4 H8104 Take you heed H376 every H376 one H7453 of his neighbor, H982 and trust H3605 you not in any H251 brother: H3605 for every H251 brother H6117 will utterly supplant, H3605 and every H7453 neighbor H1980 will walk H7400 with slanders.

Jeremiah 18:18

  18 H559 Then said H3212 they, Come H2803 and let us devise H4284 devices H5921 against H3414 Jeremiah; H8451 for the law H6 shall not perish H3548 from the priest, H6098 nor counsel H2450 from the wise, H1697 nor the word H5030 from the prophet. H3212 Come, H5221 and let us smite H3956 him with the tongue, H7181 and let us not give heed H3605 to any H1697 of his words.

Jeremiah 20:10

  10 H8085 For I heard H1681 the defaming H7227 of many, H4032 fear H5437 on every H5439 side. H5046 Report, H5046 say they, and we will report H3605 it. All H7965 my familiars H8104 watched H6761 for my halting, H194 saying, Peradventure H6601 he will be enticed, H3201 and we shall prevail H3947 against him, and we shall take H5360 our revenge on him.

Ezekiel 22:18-22

  18 H1121 Son H120 of man, H1004 the house H3478 of Israel H1961 is to me become H5509 dross: H3605 all H5178 they are brass, H913 and tin, H1270 and iron, H5777 and lead, H8432 in the middle H3564 of the furnace; H5509 they are even the dross H3701 of silver.
  19 H3651 Therefore H3541 thus H559 said H136 the Lord H3069 GOD; H3282 Because H3605 you are all H1961 become H5509 dross, H2005 behold, H3651 therefore H6908 I will gather H413 you into H8432 the middle H3389 of Jerusalem.
  20 H6910 As they gather H3701 silver, H5178 and brass, H1270 and iron, H5777 and lead, H913 and tin, H413 into H8432 the middle H3564 of the furnace, H5301 to blow H784 the fire H5413 on it, to melt H3651 it; so H6908 will I gather H639 you in my anger H2534 and in my fury, H5117 and I will leave H5413 you there, and melt you.
  21 H3664 Yes, I will gather H5301 you, and blow H784 on you in the fire H5678 of my wrath, H5413 and you shall be melted H8432 in the middle therof.
  22 H3701 As silver H2046 is melted H8432 in the middle H3564 of the furnace, H3651 so H5413 shall you be melted H8432 in the middle H3045 thereof; and you shall know H3068 that I the LORD H8210 have poured H2534 out my fury on you.

Revelation 11:18

  18 G1484 And the nations G3710 were angry, G3709 and your wrath G2064 is come, G2540 and the time G3498 of the dead, G2919 that they should be judged, G1325 and that you should give G3408 reward G1401 to your servants G4396 the prophets, G40 and to the saints, G5399 and them that fear G3686 your name, G3398 small G3173 and great; G1311 and should destroy G1311 them which destroy G1093 the earth.

Revelation 19:2

  2 G228 For true G1342 and righteous G2920 are his judgments: G2919 for he has judged G3173 the great G4204 whore, G3748 which G5351 did corrupt G1093 the earth G4202 with her fornication, G1556 and has avenged G129 the blood G1401 of his servants G1537 at G5495 her hand.

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