Daniel 4:13 Cross References - Bishops

13 I sawe in the visions of my head vpon my bed, and beholde a watcher and a holy one came downe from heauen

Deuteronomy 33:2

2 The Lorde came from Sinai, and rose vp from Seir vnto them, and appeared from mount Pharan, & he came with ten thousande of saintes, and in his ryght hand a lawe of fire for them

Psalms 89:7

7 God is very terrible in the assemblie of saintes: and to be feared aboue al them that are about him

Psalms 103:20

20 Blesse God O ye his angels mightie in operation: who fulfyll his worde in hearkening vnto the voyce of his word

Daniel 4:5

5 Sawe a dreame, whiche made me afrayde, and the thoughtes vpon my bed, with the visios of my head, troubled me

Daniel 4:10

10 Thus were the visions of my head vpon my bed: And behold, I saw a tree in the mids of the earth, and the heyght therof was great

Daniel 4:23

23 But wheras the king saw a watcher, and a holy one that came downe from heauen, and sayd, Hewe downe the tree, & destroy it, yet leaue the stumpe of the rootes therof in the earth, and with a band of iron & brasse binde it among the grasse of the fielde, & let it be wet with the dewe of the heauen, and let his portion be with the beastes of the fielde, till seuen times passe ouer him

Daniel 7:1

1 In the first yere of Balthasar king of Babylon, sawe Daniel a dreame, & there were visions in his head vpon his bead: which dreame he wrote, & declared the summe of the matter

Daniel 7:17

17 These great beastes which are foure, are foure kinges which shall arise out of the earth

Daniel 7:23

23 He gaue me this aunswer: That fourth beast, shalbe the fourth kingdome vpon earth, it shalbe vnlike to all the kingdomes: it shall deuour, treade downe, and destroy all other landes

Daniel 8:13

13 Upon this, I heard one of the sainctes speaking, and one of the sainctes spake vnto Palmoni, saying: how long shal the vision of the dayly [sacrifice] and of the iniquitie of desolation [endure,] to geue both the sanctuarie and the power to be troden vnder foote

Zechariah 14:5

5 And ye shall flee vnto the valley of my hylles, for the valley of the hylles shall reache vnto Asal: yea, flee shall ye lyke as ye fled for the earthquake in the dayes of Oziah king of Iuda: and the Lorde my God shall come, and all the sainctes with him

Matthew 25:31

31 When the sonne of man shall come in his glorie, and all the holy Angels with hym, then shall he sitte vpon the throne of his glorie

Mark 1:24

24 Saying: Alas, what haue we [to do] with thee, thou Iesus of Nazareth? Art thou come to destroy vs? I knowe thee what thou art, euen that holy one of God

Luke 4:34

34 Saying: Oh what haue we to do with thee, thou Iesus of Nazareth? Art thou come to destroy vs? I knowe who thou art, euen the holy one of God

Jude 1:14

14 Enoch the seuenth from Adam, prophesied before of such, saying: Beholde, the Lorde shall come with thousandes of saintes

Revelation 14:10

10 The same shall drynke of the wyne of the wrath of God: yea, of the pure wyne which is powred in ye cup of his wrath: And he shalbe punisshed in fyre & brimstone, before the holy angels, and before the lambe

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