Psalms 102:25 Cross References - Bishops

25 (102:22) Thou hast before tyme layde the foundation of the earth: and the heauens are the worke of thy handes

Genesis 1:1

1 In the beginnyng GOD created ye heauen and the earth

Genesis 2:1

1 The heauens also & the earth were finisshed, & all the hoast of them

Exodus 20:11

11 For in sixe dayes the Lorde made heauen and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seuenth day: wherfore the Lorde blessed the seuenth day, and halowed it

Job 38:4-7

4 Where wast thou when I layed the foundations of the earth? Tell playnely, if thou hast vnderstanding 5 Who hath measured it, knowest thou? or who hath spread the lyne vpon it 6 Whereupon are the foundations set? or who layed the corner stone thereof 7 Where wast thou when the morning starres praysed me together, and all the children of God reioyced triumphantly

Psalms 96:5

5 As for all the gods of the heathen they be but idoles: and it is God that made the heauens

Proverbs 8:23-36

23 I haue ben ordayned from euerlasting, and from the beginning or euer the earth was made 24 When I was borne there were neither depthes nor springes of water 25 Before the foundations of the mountaines were layde: yea before all hilles, was I borne 26 The earth, and all that is vpon the earth was not yet made, no not the dust it selfe 27 For when he made the heauens, I was present, when he compassed the deapthes about 28 When he hanged the cloudes aboue, when he fastened the springes of the deepe 29 When he shut the sea within certaine boundes, that the waters should not go ouer their markes that he commaunded: when he layde the foundations of the earth 30 I was with him ordring all thinges, deliting dayly and reioysyng alway before hym 31 As for the rounde compasse of this worlde I make it ioyfull: for my delite is to be among the chyldren of men 32 Therefore hearken vnto me: O ye chyldren, blessed are they that kepe my wayes 33 O geue eare vnto nurture, be wyse, and refuse it not 34 Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching dayly at my gates, and geuing attendaunce at the postes of my doores 35 For whoso findeth me, findeth life, and shall obtaine fauour of the Lorde 36 But whoso offendeth against me, hurteth his owne soule: and they that hate me, are the louers of death

Jeremiah 32:17

17 O Lorde God, it is thou that hast made heauen and earth with thy great power and hye arme, and there is nothing hid from thee

Hebrews 1:10-12

10 And thou Lorde, in the begynnyng hast layde the foundation of the earth: And the heauens are the workes of thy handes 11 They shall perishe, but thou endurest, and they shall waxe olde as doth a garment 12 And as a vesture shalt thou folde the vp, and they shalbe chaunged: but thou art the same, & thy yeres shall not fayle

Hebrews 3:3-4

3 For this [man] is counted worthy of more glorie then Moyses, inasmuch as he which hath buylded the house, hath more honour then the house 4 For euery house is buylded of some man: But he that buylded all thynges, is God

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