Deuteronomy 4:43 Cross References - Brenton

43 Bosor in the wilderness, in the plain country of Ruben, and Ramoth in Galaad belonging to Gad, and Gaulon in Basan belonging to Manasse.

Joshua 20:8

8 (20:5) And beyond Jordan he appointed Bosor in the wilderness in the plain out of the tribe of Ruben, and Aremoth in Galaad out of the tribe of Gad, and Gaulon in the country of Basan out of the tribe of Manasse.

Joshua 21:27

27 And Joshua gave to the sons of Gedson the Levites out of the other half tribe of Manasse cities set apart for the slayers, Gaulon in the country of Basan, and its suburbs; and Bosora and its suburbs; two cities.

Joshua 21:38

38 (21:37) And out of the tribe of Gad the city of refuge for the slayer, both Ramoth in Galaad, and its suburbs; Camin and its suburbs;

1 Kings 4:13

13 The son of Naber in Raboth Galaad, to him fell the lot of Ergab in Basan, sixty great cities with walls, and brazen bars, one.

1 Kings 22:3-4

3 And the king of Israel said to his servants, Know ye that Remmath Galaad is ours, and we are slow to take it out of the hand of the king of Syria? 4 And the king of Israel said to Josaphat, Wilt thou go up with us to Remmath Galaad to battle?

1 Chronicles 6:71

71 To the sons of Gedson from the families of the half-tribe of Manasse they gave Golan of Basan and her suburbs, and Aseroth and her suburbs.

1 Chronicles 6:80

80 Out of the tribe of Gad; Rammoth Galaad and her suburbs, and Maanaim and her suburbs,

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