Philemon 1:1 Cross References - CKJV_Strongs

  1 G3972 Paul, G1198 a prisoner G2424 of Jesus G5547 Christ, G2532 and G5095 Timothy G80 our brother, G5371 unto Philemon G2257 our G27 dearly beloved, G2532 and G4904 fellow-worker,

1 Corinthians 3:9

  9 G1063 For G2070 we are G4904 laborers together G2316 with God: G2075 you are G2316 God's G1091 husbandry, G2316 you are God's G3619 building.

Ephesians 3:1

  1 G5484 For this cause G1473 I G3972 Paul, G1198 the prisoner G2424 of Jesus G5547 Christ G5228 for G5216 you G1484 Gentiles,

Ephesians 4:1

  1 G1473 I G3767 therefore, G1198 the prisoner G1722 of G2962 the Lord, G3870 beg G5209 you G4043 that you walk G516 worthy G2821 of the calling G3739 with which G2564 you are called,

Ephesians 6:20

  20 G5228 For G3739 which G4243 I am an ambassador G1722 in G254 bonds: G2443 that G1722 in it G846   G3955 I may speak boldly, G5613 as G3165 I G1163 ought G2980 to speak.

Philippians 2:25

  25 G1161 Yet G2233 I supposed it G316 necessary G3992 to send G4314 to G5209 you G1891 Epaphroditus, G3450 my G80 brother, G2532 and G4904 companion in labor, G2532 and G4961 fellowsoldier, G1161 but G5216 your G652 messenger, G2532 and G3011 he that ministered G5532 to G3450 my G5532 wants.

Philippians 4:3

  3 G2532 And G2065 I entreat G4571 you G2532 also, G1103 true G4805 yokefellow, G4815 help G846 those women G3748 which G4866 labored G3427 with me G1722 in G2098 the gospel, G3326 with G2815 Clement G2532 also, G2532 and G3062 with other G3450 my G4904 fellow-workers, G3739 whose G3686 names G1722 are in G976 the book G2222 of life.

Colossians 1:1

  1 G3972 Paul, G652 an apostle G2424 of Jesus G5547 Christ G1223 by G2307 the will G2316 of God, G2532 and G5095 Timotheus G80 our brother,

Colossians 4:11

  11 G2532 And G2424 Jesus, G3004 which is called G2459 Justus, G5607 who are G1537 of G4061 the circumcision. G3778 These G3441 only G4904 are my fellowworkers G1519 unto G932 the kingdom G2316 of God, G3748 which G1096 have been G3931 a comfort G3427 unto me.

1 Thessalonians 3:2

  2 G2532 And G3992 sent G5095 Timotheus, G2257 our G80 brother, G2532 and G1249 minister G2316 of God, G2532 and G2257 our G4904 fellow-laborer G1722 in G2098 the gospel G5547 of Christ, G1519 to G4741 establish G5209 you, G2532 and G3870 to comfort G5209 you G4012 concerning G5216 your G4102 faith:

2 Timothy 1:8

  8 G3361 Be not G1870 you G3767 therefore G1870 ashamed of G3142 the testimony G2257 of our G2962 Lord, G3366 nor G1691 of me G846 his G1198 prisoner: G235 but G4777 be you partaker of the afflictions G2098 of the gospel G2596 according to G1411 the power G2316 of God;
  9 G1223 Yet for G26 love's G1223 sake G3870 I G3123 rather G3870 beg G5607 you, being G5108 such a one G5613 as G3972 Paul G4246 the aged, G1161 and G3570 now G2532 also G1198 a prisoner G2424 of Jesus G5547 Christ.

Philemon 1:24

  24 G3138 Marcus, G708 Aristarchus, G1214 Demas, G3065 Lucas, G3450 my G4904 fellow-workers.

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