Jeremiah 6:28 Cross References - Coverdale

28 For they are all vnfaithful and fallen awaye, they hange vpon shameful lucre, they are clene brasse and yron, for they hurte and destroye euery man.

Psalms 50:20

20 Thou syttest and speakest agaynst thy brother, yee and slaundrest thine owne mothers sonne.

Isaiah 1:4-5

4 Alas for this synful people, which are experte in blasphemies, a frawerde generacion, vnnatural children. They haue forsaken the LORDE, they haue prouoked the holy one of Israel vnto anger, and are gone bacward. 5 Wherfore shulde ye be plaged eny more? For ye are euer fallinge awaye. The whole heade is sick, and the herte is very heuy.

Isaiah 31:6

6 Therfore (o ye childre of Israel turne agayne, like as ye hahaue exceaded in youre goinge back.

Jeremiah 5:23

23 But this people hath a false and an obstinate herte, they are departed and gone awaye fro me.

Jeremiah 6:30

30 Therfore shal they be called naughty syluer, because the LORDE hath cast them out.

Jeremiah 9:4

4 Yee one must kepe himself from another, no man maye safely trust his owne brother: for one brother vndermyneth another, & one neghboure begyleth another.

Jeremiah 18:18

18 Then sayde they: come, let vs ymagin somthinge agaynst this Ieremy. Yee this dyd euen the prestes, to whom ye lawe was commytted: the Senatours, yt were the wysest: and the prophetes, which wanted not ye worde off God. Come (sayde they) let vs cut out his tuge, and let vs not regarde his wordes.

Jeremiah 20:10

10 For why, I herde so many derisios and blasphemies, yee euen of myne owne companyons, and off soch as were conuersaunte with me: which wente aboute, to make me afrayed sayenge: vpon him, let vs go vpon him, to feare him, and make him holde his tonge: yt we maye ouercome him, and be avenged off him.

Ezekiel 22:18-22

18 Thou sonne of man, the house of Israel is turned to drosse. C All they that shulde be brasse, tynne, yro & leade, are in the fyre become drosse. 19 Therfore, thus saieth the LORDE God: For so moch as ye all are turned in to drosse, beholde: I will brynge you together vnto Ierusalem, 20 like as syluer, brasse, yron, tynne and leade are put together in the fornace, and the fyre blowen there vnder to melt them: Euen so will I gather you, put you in together, and melt you in my wrath and indignacion. 21 I will brynge you together, and kyndle the fyre of my cruell displeasure vnder you, that ye maye be melted therin. 22 Like as the syluer is melted in the fyre, so shall ye also be melted therin: that ye maye knowe, how that I the LORDE haue poured my wrath vpon you.

Revelation 11:18

18 And the Heythen were angry, & thy wrath is come, and the tyme of the deed that they shulde be iudged, and that thou shuldest geue rewarde vnto thy seruautes the prophettes and saynctes, and to the that feare thy name, small & greate: and shuldest destroye them which destroye the earth.

Revelation 19:2

2 for true and righteous are his iudgmentes, because he hath iudged the greate whore (which did corrupt ye earth with her fornicacion) and hath auenged the bloud of his seruautes of her hond.

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