1 Chronicles 6:44 Cross References - KJV_Strongs

  44 H251 And their brethren H1121 the sons H4847 of Merari H8040 stood on the left hand H387 : Ethan H1121 the son H7029 of Kishi H1121 , the son H5660 of Abdi H1121 , the son H4409 of Malluch,

1 Chronicles 15:17

  17 H3881 So the Levites H5975 appointed [H8686]   H1968 Heman H1121 the son H3100 of Joel H251 ; and of his brethren H623 , Asaph H1121 the son H1296 of Berechiah H1121 ; and of the sons H4847 of Merari H251 their brethren H387 , Ethan H1121 the son H6984 of Kushaiah;

1 Chronicles 25:1

  1 H1732 Moreover David H8269 and the captains H6635 of the host H914 separated [H8686]   H5656 to the service H1121 of the sons H623 of Asaph H1968 , and of Heman H3038 , and of Jeduthun H5012 , who should prophesy [H8737]   [H8675]   H5030   H3658 with harps H5035 , with psalteries H4700 , and with cymbals H4557 : and the number H582 of the workmen H4399   H5656 according to their service was:

1 Chronicles 25:3

  3 H3038 Of Jeduthun H1121 : the sons H3038 of Jeduthun H1436 ; Gedaliah H6874 , and Zeri H3470 , and Jeshaiah H2811 , Hashabiah H4993 , and Mattithiah H8337 , six H3027 , under the hands H1 of their father H3038 Jeduthun H5012 , who prophesied [H8738]   H3658 with a harp H3034 , to give thanks [H8687]   H1984 and to praise [H8763]   H3068 the LORD.

1 Chronicles 25:6

  6 H3027 All these were under the hands H1 of their father H7892 for song H1004 in the house H3068 of the LORD H4700 , with cymbals H5035 , psalteries H3658 , and harps H5656 , for the service H1004 of the house H430 of God H4428 , according to the king's H3027 order H623 to Asaph H3038 , Jeduthun H1968 , and Heman.

Psalms 89:1

  1 H4905 Maschil [H8688]   H387 of Ethan H250 the Ezrahite H7891 . I will sing [H8799]   H2617 of the mercies H3068 of the LORD H5769 for ever H6310 : with my mouth H3045 will I make known [H8686]   H530 thy faithfulness H1755 to all H1755 generations.

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