2 Chronicles 26:10 Cross References - LXX2012

10 And he built towers in the wilderness, and dug many wells, for he had many cattle in the low country and in the plain; and vinedressers in the mountain country and in Carmel: for he was a husbandman.

Genesis 26:18-21

18 And Isaac dug again the wells of water, which the servants of his father Abraam had dug, and the Phylistines had stopped them, after the death of his father Abraam; and he gave them names, according to the names by which his father named them. 19 And the servants of Isaac dug in the valley of Gerara, and they found there a well of living water. 20 And the shepherds of Gerara strove with the shepherds of Isaac, saying that the water was theirs; and they called the name of the well, Injury, for they injured him. 21 And having departed thence he dug another well, and they strove also for that; and he named the name of it, Enmity.

2 Kings 3:4

4 And Mosa king of Moab was a sheep-master, and he rendered to the king of Israel in the beginning [of the year], a hundred thousand lambs, and a hundred thousand rams, with the wool.

2 Kings 19:23

23 By your messengers you has reproached the Lord, and have said, I will go up with the multitude of my chariots, to the height of the mountains, to the sides of Libanus, and I have cut down the height of his cedar, [and] his choice cypresses; and I have come into the midst of the forest and of Carmel.

1 Chronicles 27:26-31

26 And over the husbandmen who tilled the ground [was] Esdri the son of Chelub. 27 And over the fields [was] Semei of Rael; and over the treasures of wine in the fields [was] Zabdi the son of Sephni. 28 And over the olive yards, and over the sycamores in the plain country [was] Ballanan the Gedorite; and over the stores of oil [was] Joas. 29 And over the oxen pasturing in Saron [was] Satrai the Saronite; and over the oxen in the valleys [was] Sophat the son of Adli. 30 And over the camels [was] Abias the Ismaelite; and over the asses [was] Jadias of Merathon. 31 And over the sheep [was] Jaziz the Agarite. All these [were] superintendents of the substance of king David.

Isaiah 29:17

17 [Is it] not yet a little while, and Libanus shall be changed as the mountains of Chermel, and Chermel shall be reckoned as a forest?

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