2 Chronicles 26:10 Cross References - WEB_Strongs

  10 H1129 He built H4026 towers H4057 in the wilderness, H2672 and dug H7227 out many H953 cisterns, H7227 for he had much H4735 livestock; H8219 in the lowland H4334 also, and in the plain: H406 and he had farmers H3755 and vineyard keepers H2022 in the mountains H3760 and in the fruitful fields; H157 for he loved H127 farming.

Genesis 26:18-21

  18 H3327 Isaac H2658 dug H7725 again H875 the wells H4325 of water, H2658 which they had dug H3117 in the days H85 of Abraham H1 his father. H6430 For the Philistines H5640 had stopped H310 them after H4194 the death H85 of Abraham. H7121 He called H8034 their names H8034 after the names H834 by which H1 his father H7121 had called them.
  19 H3327 Isaac's H5650 servants H2658 dug H5158 in the valley, H4672 and found H875 there a well H2416 of springing H4325 water.
  20 H7462 The herdsmen H1642 of Gerar H7378 argued H3327 with Isaac's H7462 herdsmen, H559 saying, H4325 "The water H7121 is ours." He called H8034 the name H875 of the well H6230 Esek, H6229 because they contended with him.
  21 H2658 They dug H312 another H875 well, H7378 and they argued H7121 over that, also. He called H8034 its H7856 name Sitnah.

2 Kings 3:4

  4 H4338 Now Mesha H4428 king H4124 of Moab H5349 was a sheep breeder; H7725 and he rendered H4428 to the king H3478 of Israel H6785 the wool H3967 of one hundred H505 thousand H3733 lambs, H3967 and of one hundred H505 thousand H352 rams.

2 Kings 19:23

  23 H3027 By H4397 your messengers H2778 you have defied H136 the Lord, H559 and have said, H7230 ‘With the multitude H7393 of my chariots, H5927 I have come up H4791 to the height H2022 of the mountains, H3411 to the innermost parts H3844 of Lebanon; H3772 and I will cut down H6967 its tall H730 cedars, H4004 and its choice H1265 fir trees; H935 and I will enter H7093 into his farthest H4411 lodging H3293 place, the forest H3760 of his fruitful field.

1 Chronicles 27:26-31

  26 H6213 Over those who did H4399 the work H7704 of the field H5656 for tillage H127 of the ground H5836 was Ezri H1121 the son H3620 of Chelub:
  27 H3754 and over the vineyards H8096 was Shimei H7435 the Ramathite: H3754 and over the increase of the vineyards H2067 for the winecellars was Zabdi H8225 the Shiphmite:
  28 H2132 and over the olive trees H8256 and the sycamore trees H8219 that were in the lowland H1177 was Baal Hanan H1451 the Gederite: H214 and over the cellars H8081 of oil H3135 was Joash:
  29 H1241 and over the herds H7462 that fed H8289 in Sharon H7861 was Shitrai H8290 the Sharonite: H1241 and over the herds H6010 that were in the valleys H8202 was Shaphat H1121 the son H5724 of Adlai:
  30 H1581 and over the camels H179 was Obil H3459 the Ishmaelite: H860 and over the donkeys H3165 was Jehdeiah H4824 the Meronothite: H6629 and over the flocks H3151 was Jaziz H1905 the Hagrite.
  31 H8269 All these were the rulers H7399 of the substance H4428 which was king H1732 David's.

Isaiah 29:17

  17 H4213 Isn't it yet a very H4592 little while, H3844 and Lebanon H7725 will be turned H3759 into a fruitful field, H3759 and the fruitful field H2803 will be regarded H3293 as a forest?

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