1 Kings 6:5 Cross References - new

  5 H7023 And against the wall H1004 of the house H1129 [H8799] he built H3326 H3326 [H8675] chambers H5439 all around, H7023 against the walls H1004 of the house H5439 all around, H1964 both of the temple H1687 and of the inner sanctuary: H6213 [H8799] and he made H6763 chambers H5439 all around:

Exodus 25:22

  22 H3259 [H8738] And there I will meet H1696 [H8765] with thee, and I will commune H3727 with thee from above the atonement cover, H996 from between H8147 the two H3742 cherubim H5921 which are upon H727 the ark H5715 of the testimony, H6680 [H8762] of all things which I will give thee in commandment H1121 to the sons H3478 of Israel.

Leviticus 16:2

  2 H3068 And the LORD H559 [H8799] said H4872 to Moses, H1696 [H8761] Speak H175 to Aaron H251 thy brother, H935 [H8799] that he come H6256 not at all times H6944 into the holy H1004 place within H6532 the veil H6440 at the face of H3727 the atonement cover, H727 which is upon the ark; H4191 [H8799] that he may not die: H7200 [H8735] for I will appear H6051 in the cloud H3727 upon the mercy seat.

Numbers 7:89

  89 H4872 And when Moses H935 [H8800] had entered H168 into the tent H4150 of meeting H1696 [H8762] to speak H8085 [H8799] with him, then he heard H6963 the voice H1696 [H8763] of one speaking H3727 to him from off the atonement cover H727 that was upon the ark H5715 of testimony, H8147 from between the two H3742 cherubim: H1696 [H8693] and he spoke to him.

1 Kings 6:16

  16 H1129 [H8799] And he built H6242 twenty H520 cubits H3411 on the sides H1004 of the house, H4480 both H7172 the floor H7023 and the walls H6763 with boards H730 of cedar: H1129 [H8799] he even built H1004 them for it on the inside, H1687 even for the inner sanctuary, H6944 even for the most H6944 holy place.

1 Kings 6:19-21

  19 H1687 And the inner sanctuary H3559 [H8689] he prepared H8432 in H6441 the inside H1004 of the house, H5414 [H8800] to set H727 there the ark H1285 of the covenant H3068 of the LORD.
  20 H1687 And the inner sanctuary H6440 in the forepart H6242 was twenty H520 cubits H753 in length, H6242 and twenty H520 cubits H7341 in breadth, H6242 and twenty H520 cubits H6967 in the height H6823 [H8762] of it: and he overlaid H5462 [H8803] it with pure H2091 gold; H6823 [H8762] and so covered H4196 the altar H730 which was of cedar.
  21 H8010 So Solomon H6823 [H8762] overlaid H6441 the inside H1004 of the house H5462 [H8803] with pure H2091 gold: H5674 [H8762] and he made a partition H7572 H7572 [H8675] by the chains H2091 of gold H6440 at the face of H1687 the inner sanctuary; H6823 [H8762] and he overlaid H2091 it with gold.

1 Kings 6:31

  31 H6607 And for the entrance H1687 of the inner sanctuary H6213 [H8804] he made H1817 doors H8081 of olive H6086 tree: H352 the lintel H4201 and side posts H2549 were a fifth part of the wall.

1 Chronicles 9:26

  26 H3881 For these Levites, H702 the four H1368 chief H7778 porters, H530 were in charge of H3957 the chambers H214 and treasuries H1004 of the house H430 of God.

1 Chronicles 23:28

  28 H4612 Because their office H3027 was to wait H1121 on the sons H175 of Aaron H5656 for the service H1004 of the house H3068 of the LORD, H2691 in the courts, H3957 and in the chambers, H2893 and in the purifying H6944 of all holy things, H4639 and the work H5656 of the service H1004 of the house H430 of God;

1 Chronicles 28:11

  11 H1732 Then David H5414 [H8799] gave H8010 to Solomon H1121 his son H8403 the pattern H197 of the porch, H1004 and of the houses H1597 of it, and of its treasuries, H5944 and of its upper chambers, H6442 and of its inner H2315 parlours H1004 and of the place H3727 of the atonement cover,

2 Chronicles 4:20

  20 H4501 Moreover the lampstands H5216 with their lamps, H1197 [H8763] that they should burn H4941 after the manner H6440 at the face of H1687 the inner sanctuary, H5462 [H8803] of pure H2091 gold;

2 Chronicles 5:7

  7 H3548 And the priests H935 [H8686] brought in H727 the ark H1285 of the covenant H3068 of the LORD H4725 to its place, H1687 to the inner sanctuary H1004 of the house, H6944 into the most H6944 holy H3671 place, even under the wings H3742 of the cherubim:

2 Chronicles 5:9

  9 H748 [H8686] And they lengthen H905 the staffs 0 of the ark, H7218 that the ends H905 of the staffs H7200 [H8735] were seen H727 from the ark H6440 at the face of H1687 the inner sanctuary; H7200 [H8735] but they were not seen H2351 without. H3117 And there it is to this day.

2 Chronicles 31:11

  11 H3169 Then Hezekiah H559 [H8799] commanded H3559 [H8687] to prepare H3957 chambers H1004 in the house H3068 of the LORD; H3559 [H8686] and they prepared them,

Nehemiah 10:37

  37 H935 [H8686] And that we should bring H7225 the firstfruits H6182 of our dough, H8641 and our offerings, H6529 and the fruit H6086 of all manner of trees, H8492 of wine H3323 and of oil, H3548 to the priests, H3957 to the chambers H1004 of the house H430 of our God; H4643 and the tithes H127 of our soil H3881 to the Levites, H3881 that the same Levites H6237 [H8764] might have the tithes H5892 in all the cities H5656 of our tillage.

Nehemiah 12:44

  44 H3117 And at that time H582 were some H6485 [H8735] appointed H5393 over the chambers H214 for the treasures, H8641 for the offerings, H7225 for the firstfruits, H4643 and for the tithes, H3664 [H8800] to gather H7704 into them out of the fields H5892 of the cities H4521 the portions H8451 of the law H3548 for the priests H3881 and Levites: H3063 for Judah H8057 rejoiced H3548 for the priests H3881 and for the Levites H5975 [H8802] that waited.

Nehemiah 13:5-9

  5 H6213 [H8799] And he had prepared H1419 for him a great H3957 chamber, H6440 where at the face of H5414 [H8802] they laid H4503 the meat offerings, H3828 the frankincense, H3627 and the vessels, H4643 and the tithes H1715 of the grain, H8492 the new wine, H3323 and the oil, H4687 which was commanded H3881 to be given to the Levites, H7891 [H8789] and the singers, H7778 and the porters; H8641 and the offerings H3548 of the priests.
  6 H3389 But in all this time I was not at Jerusalem: H8147 for in the two H7970 and thirtieth H8141 year H783 of Artaxerxes H4428 king H894 of Babylon H935 [H8804] I came H4428 to the king, H7093 and after H3117 certain days H7592 [H8738] I obtained leave H4428 of the king:
  7 H935 [H8799] And I came H3389 to Jerusalem, H995 [H8799] and understood H7451 of the evil H475 that Eliashib H6213 [H8804] did H2900 for Tobiah, H6213 [H8800] in preparing H5393 for him a chamber H2691 in the courts H1004 of the house H430 of God.
  8 H3415 [H8799] And it grieved H3966 me greatly: H7993 [H8686] therefore I cast forth H1004 all the household H3627 goods H2900 of Tobiah H2351 out of H3957 the chamber.
  9 H559 [H8799] Then I commanded, H2891 [H8762] and they cleansed H3957 the chambers: H7725 [H8686] and there I brought again H3627 the vessels H1004 of the house H430 of God, H4503 with the meat offering H3828 and the frankincense.

Psalms 28:2

  2 H8085 [H8798] Hear H6963 the voice H8469 of my supplications, H7768 [H8763] when I halloo H5375 [H8800] to thee, when I lift H3027 my hands H6944 toward thy holy H1687 oracle.

Song of Songs 1:4

  4 H4900 [H8798] Draw H7323 [H8799] me, we will run H310 after H4428 thee: the king H935 [H8689] hath brought H2315 me into his chambers: H1523 [H8799] we will be glad H8055 [H8799] and rejoice H2142 [H8686] in thee, we will remember H1730 thy love H3196 more than wine: H4339 the straight H157 [H8804] love thee.

Jeremiah 35:4

  4 H935 [H8686] And I brought H1004 them into the house H3068 of the LORD, H3957 into the chamber H1121 of the sons H2605 of Hanan, H1121 the son H3012 of Igdaliah, H376 a man H430 of God, H681 who was by H3957 the chamber H8269 of the princes, H4605 which was above H3957 the chamber H4641 of Maaseiah H1121 the son H7967 of Shallum, H8104 [H8802] the keeper H5592 of the door:

Ezekiel 40:44

  44 H2351 And outside H6442 the inner H8179 gate H3957 were the chambers H7891 [H8802] of the singers H6442 in the inner H2691 court, H3802 which was at the side H6828 of the north H8179 gate; H6440 and their prospect H1870 was toward H1864 the south: H259 one H3802 at the side H6921 of the east H8179 gate H6440 having the prospect H1870 toward H6828 the north.

Ezekiel 41:5-11

  5 H4058 [H8799] Afterward he measured H7023 the wall H1004 of the house, H8337 six H520 cubits; H7341 and the breadth H6763 of every side chamber, H702 four H520 cubits, H5439 round H1004 the house H5439 on every side.
  6 H6763 And the side H6763 chambers H7969 were three, H6763 one over another, H7970 and thirty H6471 in order; H935 [H8802] and they entered H7023 into the wall H1004 which was of the house H6763 for the side chambers H5439 all around, H270 [H8803] that they might have hold, H270 [H8803] but they had not hold H7023 in the wall H1004 of the house.
  7 H7337 [H8804] And there was an enlarging, H5437 [H8738] and a winding about H4605 still upward H6763 to the side chambers: H4141 for the winding about H1004 of the house H4605 went still upward H5439 on all sides of H1004 the house: H7341 therefore the breadth H1004 of the house H4605 was still upward, H5927 [H8799] and so went up H8481 from the lowest H5945 chamber to the highest H8484 by the middle chamber.
  8 H7200 [H8804] I saw H1363 also the height H1004 of the house H5439 all around: H4328 the foundations H6763 of the side chambers H4393 were a full H7070 reed H8337 of six H679 great H520 cubits.
  9 H7341 The thickness H7023 of the wall, H6763 which was for the side chamber H2351 on the outside, H2568 was five H520 cubits: H3240 [H8716] and that which was left H1004 was the place H6763 of the side chambers H1004 that were within.
  10 H3957 And between the chambers H7341 was the width H6242 of twenty H520 cubits H5439 all around H1004 the house H5439 on every side.
  11 H6607 And the doors H6763 of the side chambers H3240 [H8716] were toward the place that was left, H259 one H6607 door H1870 toward H6828 the north, H259 and another H6607 door H1864 toward the south: H7341 and the breadth H4725 of the place H3240 [H8716] that was left H2568 was five H520 cubits H5439 all around.

Ezekiel 42:3-12

  3 H6242 Opposite the twenty H6442 cubits which were for the inner H2691 court, H7531 and opposite the pavement H2435 which was for the outer H2691 court, H862 was gallery H6440 against H862 gallery H7992 in three stories.
  4 H6440 And at the face of H3957 the chambers H4109 was a walk H6235 of ten H520 cubits H7341 breadth H6442 inward, H1870 a way H259 of one H520 cubit; H6607 and their doors H6828 toward the north.
  5 H5945 Now the upper H3957 chambers H7114 [H8803] were narrower: H862 for the galleries H398 [H8799] were higher H2007 than these, H8481 than the lower, H8484 and than the middle ones H1146 of the building.
  6 H8027 [H8794] For they were in three H5982 stories, but had not pillars H5982 as the pillars H2691 of the courts: H680 [H8738] therefore the upper chambers were set back H8481 more than the lower H8484 and the middle ones H776 from the earth.
  7 H1447 And the wall H2351 that was outside H5980 by the side of H3957 the chambers, H1870 toward H2435 the outer H2691 court H6440 on the forepart H3957 of the chambers, H753 the length H2572 of it was fifty H520 cubits.
  8 H753 For the length H3957 of the chambers H2435 that were in the outer H2691 court H2572 was fifty H520 cubits: H6440 and, lo, at the face of H1964 the temple H3967 were an hundred H520 cubits.
  9 H3957 And from under these chambers H3996 H935 [H8675] was the entrance H6921 on the east side, H935 [H8800] as one goeth H2007 into them H2435 from the outer H2691 court.
  10 H3957 The chambers H7341 were in the thickness H1444 of the wall H2691 of the court H1870 toward H6921 the east, H6440 opposite H1508 the separate place, H6440 and opposite H1146 the building.
  11 H1870 And the way H6440 at the face of H4758 them was like the appearance H3957 of the chambers H1870 which were toward H6828 the north, H753 as long as H3651 H7341 they, and as broad as H4161 they: and all their exits H4941 were both according to their fashions, H6607 and according to their doors.
  12 H6607 And according to the doors H3957 of the chambers H1870 that were toward H1864 the south H6607 was a door H7218 in the head H1870 of the way, H1870 even the way H1903 directly H6440 at the face of H1448 the wall H1870 toward H6921 the east, H935 [H8800] as one entereth into them.

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